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Box artwork for Back to the Future Part II & III.
Box artwork for Back to the Future Part II & III.
Back to the Future Part II & III
Developer(s)Beam Software
Year released1990
Preceded byBack to the Future
Followed bySuper Back to the Future II
SeriesBack to the Future
Genre(s)Action-adventure, Platform, Puzzle
ModesSingle player
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Back to the Future Part II & III is an action-adventure platform puzzle game developed by Beam Software and published by LJN in 1990 for the NES. It is based on the second and third films in the Back to the Future trilogy.

Story[edit | edit source]

Part II

When Doc takes Marty to the year 2015 to prevent his future son from committing a crime, old Biff takes the Gray's Sports Almanac and travels back to 1955 and gives the book to his younger self. Over the next three decades, young Biff uses the information to win money on the outcome of each sporting event he bets on, making him the richest and most powerful man in the world by 1985A. To ensure that no one else gets their hands on the almanac, Biff travels through time and collects various items and puts them behind locked doors in three different periods. This action has caused a disruption in time, and now the space-time continuum is falling apart. With Hill Valley in ruins, Marty must now travel to all three periods, then find and return all the items back to their original places in order to retrieve the almanac and destroy it.

Part III

After Marty returns all items to their rightful places and burns the almanac, lighting strikes the DeLorean and sends Doc back in time, leaving Marty stranded in 1955 once again. At the same time, Marty receives a letter from Doc via a courier that was written in 1875 (although 1885 in the film). According to the old letter, Doc has become stranded in the year 1875 and must be rescued or else this will start another time-ripple effect. Now, with the help from 1955 Doc, Marty must go back to 1875 in order to rescue the present-day Doc with the aged but repaired DeLorean. Before they can return to 1985, Marty must find and return ten more items to their rightful location. To impede his progress, outlaw Buford Tannen has other plans.

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