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Bad Apple Wars chara Shikishima.png
  • Faction: None
  • Item: Sketchbook
  • Seiyuu: Akira Ishida

A boy who keeps to himself, calmly drawing as he stands in various locations of the school. Though he appears to be a friend of the Bad Apples, he hasn't officially joined them, nor has he made any effort to follow the school rules as instructed by the Prefects. For this reason, as well as his quirky behavior, he is considered an "odd apple."

The item Shikishima had upon entering the school was a sketchbook, which he makes constant use of, drawing wherever he may be. As he demonstrated during the entrance ceremony, Shikishima's sketchbook has the special ability to make objects appear based on his drawings, an ability which he will sometimes use to assist the Bad Apples.

Common Route[edit]

Chapter 1: Them Apples[edit]

  • Join the Bad Apples
  • Main Entrance
  • Club Area

Chapter 2: Reaper Game[edit]

  • Behind School
  • Touch his scarf twice, face twice, and hand
  • Roof
  • Art Room
  • Classroom
  • Entryway
  • Touch his face twice, scarf twice, and hand

Chapter 3: Vexam[edit]

  • Touch Rinka's shoulder (where his coat is draped) twice, face twice, and shoulder

Chapter 4: Wall of Limits[edit]

  • Meeting Room
  • Touch his face twice, scarf twice, and hand
  • Touch his face twice, hand twice, and scarf

Chapter 5: Heart Festival[edit]

  • No choices

Good End[edit]

Chapter 6[edit]

  • Create a save here for the NEVAEH End.
  • Touch anywhere, then touch his face repeatedly

Chapter 7[edit]

  • Touch anywhere, then touch anywhere repeatedly (except his hand)

Chapters 8 and 9 have no choices.

NEVAEH End[edit]

Chapter 7[edit]

  • Load the save created during the Good End path.
  • Touch anywhere, then touch his chest repeatedly
  • Touch anywhere, then touch his hand repeatedly