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Namco's Japan-only 1988 scrolling shooter arcade game Bakutotsu Kijuutei (which was their sequel to Baraduke) is divided into thirty-six stages over six blocks. That image shown above is of the Paccet Ojisan's bonus game, which will be invoked after the 4th, 10th, 16th, 22nd, 29th, and 35th stages; and as mentioned upon the Gameplay page, there is a maximum of a 2/8 chance of it landing on an "Extra Paccet" icon, a 4/8 chance of it landing on a "Shot Power Up" icon, a 1/8 chance of it landing on a "Shot Power Down" icon, and a 1/8 chance of it landing on a "Machine Gun Vessel" icon. The first player controls "Takky", (who was the second player's character in that original game), while the second player controls "Hommy" ("Kissy" is nowhere to be seen here) - and again, that fact that they are named differently is a reminder that Baraduke may well have been that first game from Namco to allow two players to play simultaneously, but that honour would later go to Sky Kid at the end of 1985 (and its sequel, Sky Kid Deluxe, was also the first game from Namco to use a Yamaha YM-2151 FM sound chip). As with that original game, one spaceman will take over from the other after clearing a stage in two-player mode; however, if they die simply from being hit without the Machine Gun Vessel, the Paccet Ojisan will reprimand them for it and send them back to the beginning of that stage to try it again. Also, if they are hit by a boss character while in the Machine Gun Vessel, its presence will immediately be invalidated (this also goes for the Turning Eye that will start creeping up on them if they remain in one place for too long and don't heed the "HURRY" warnings that fly past at the top of the screen ( and ) - and if you manage to defeat Dark Paccet (who's the boss of the thirtieth stage) on your first try, the game will not be over for you yet after the credits have finished, as you will have to play through the Special Stages, 31 to 36. Also, if you manage to defeat Dark Paccet on your 2nd + subsequent try of the thirtieth stage or clear the thirty-sixth stage by defeating the second Two-Eyed Blue Worm, the game will not go into high-score mode and you will not be able to enter your name at the top of it with pride (or any other emotion).