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The tutorial of the game is made to help familiarize players with some of the elements in the game. Most importantly, it helps you identify key objects such as doors, levers, and save pedestal.

The tutorial begins with a message box, Introduction, which gives you your first instructions and tells you how to exit to the main menu through the pause menu (Start button).

Tutorial 1 "Pick up & Equip"[edit]

You start in a room with no weapon and no objects to interact with nearby. Head north towards the door. When you get close the second message box will appear; press A button to close it. Walk over to the chest and press B button to open it. Close the third window, then press B button once more to pick up the dagger. Press Start button, then select Inventory to open your inventory. Close the fourth message box, then press A button to equip your new dagger. Press A button to close the final window and you will see that your character now has the dagger equipped. Press ?? to exit your inventory, and the door will now be unlocked. Walk into the next room and up to the barrels and crates blocking the path.

Tutorial 2 "Smashing"[edit]

If there are objects blocking your path, try destroying them by pressing A button while close. Clear a path, then continue down the hallway.

Tutorial 3 "Jumping"[edit]

Press ?? to jump up the boxes and up to the lever. Press B button to push it. Drop down and run into the center of the next room.

Tutorial 4 "Melee Combat"[edit]

Kill the rats in the room to the west by pressing A button when they are near. After killing both rats (it should only take one hit to down them), walk into the newly unlocked room.

Tutorial 5 "Saving"[edit]

It is very important to save your game often. You never know when a trap may be waiting for you, and if you perish, all of the progress that you made since the last time you saved will be lost. Saving the game can only be done at a save pedestal. Practice this by walking up to the podium before you and press B button. Walk north through the door.

Tutorial 6 "Ranged Weapons"[edit]

Open the chest like you did in Tutorial 1. Make sure you pick up both the bow and the arrows. Open your inventory with Start button then A button, then select both the arrows and the bow. Because you have a ranged weapon set and a melee set equipped now, you can toggle between them by pressing Left dpad or Right dpad. Exit the inventory, toggle between your weapons, then with the bow, fire an arrow with A button.

Tutorial 7[edit]

Because you have finished the tutorial, either use the staircase with B button or exit to the main menu via the pause menu.