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Opening cutscene

You are weary by your travels, but mesmerized by the sight of Baldur's Gate. Not only a city of... And it seems strangely deserted... And in an instant, that danger is upon you.

Elf Song Tavern cutscene
The barkeep

After being saved by the town watchmen, you'll be notified that the thieves who beat you also stole all of your gold and possessions. You enter the Elf Song Tavern where you begin the game by speaking with Alyth, the barkeep.

Note: It's an open ended game so you don't have to return to Elf Song Tavern unless your collection is full or the door is locked until you talk to the person. Alson if you ever worried about getting lost in the dungeons or an open field, the save pedestals marked on your mini-map (if you turned it on) shown in a gold icon will make where you'll save and also show where you can go next.

Rat Exterminator[edit]

Speaking with Alyth will give you the Rat Exterminator quest to purge the cellar of the tavern. Speak with Ethon to acquire the key to the cellar, as well as a dagger.

Walk to the left side of the tavern and speak with the man in the red cap, Nebbish. He will give you the Fine Wine quest to acquire a bottle of liquor from the cellar.

Head through the door to the left of Alyth. Walk around to the back corner and head down the stairs into the cellar.

Cellar entrance

You can save now if you like, but begin scouring the area for barrels and chests. Remember that to acquire the gold that falls on the ground, you will have to walk on top of it.

Once you pass through the first door, you will start to encounter rats. These only take a few hits to kill (1-3 depending on the difficulty). There's not a lot to explore here, so scour the walls, kill the rats, and push forward quickly.

When you reach a long hallway, a message with yellow lettering will appear on the screen stating that 15 rats remain. This is a quest objective notification, but you won't see this sort of notification much in the game. As you progress, you will also see "10 rats remain", and then a countdown from 5. When you finish the quest (you should be close to a save pedestal), you'll be instructed to return to Alyth to acquire the key to progress into the sewers. Don't head up just yet. Walk down the long hall ahead and destroy the barrels and crates on the left to acquire the wine bottle. Use a recall potion now (if you have one) to instantly appear in the Elf Song.

New equipment

The first time you acquire a Recall potion a message box will appear with some additional information on how to use it. In the start menu, you can use "Recall" to teleport you back to town. If you do this, you can use another recall potion from town to return to the dungeon where you used the first recall potion.

If you stumble upon a shield, equip it on the armor tab of the inventory screen and you'll be able to block using L button.

As you acquire new weapons, you'll want to use the best. If you're using Kromlech, you should stick with a 1 handed weapon and a shield for most of the game to improve protection, use speed to your advantage, and always have block available. This should also save you some points in the skill Improved Block.

Quest reward

Upon finishing your conversation with Alyth, you'll complete the Rat Exterminator and receive:

  • A sewer door key.
  • 75 gold coins.
  • 200 experience.
  • Quest: Rescue Ethon.

You will level up from this if you haven't already. Save your points for now until you understand your character's strengths and weaknesses better.

Speak with Nebbish to finish the Fine Wine quest and receive:

  • An Extra Healing Potion.
  • 100 experience.

Speak with Bartley to empty your inventory of extra items before you head back down into the cellar (use the recall option again if you did previously).

Rescue Ethon[edit]

Ethon has gone missing after heading into the sewers (how did he pass you in the cellar?). Your new goal is to find him and return to Alyth.

The further you get from Elf Song, the more dangerous the enemies become. The second foe you will face is the kobold, a goblin like creature that is quick and evasive, although frightened easily. These monsters come in packs and will often flee when attacked.

When you reach the room after the pool of water, you'll find a chest and a door, as well as an explosive barrel. If you see one of these, ignite it (B button) and run away rather than attacking it.

In the next room there will be more kobolds and some explosive barrels along the right wall. Further down the hallway are two treasure chests in the final room, and a secret room on the right side (stand close and the wall will slide open).

Enter the Sewers Level 1.

Ethon's prison cell cutscene

Karne will instruct a runner to place a magical object in the crypts.

Sewers Level 1 entrance

You begin in a large room with lots of water. Welcome to the sewers. There's not much here at first, so run down the hall and kill the black rats. Enter the room with the save pedestal, clear the monsters, then head north into the small room and take all of the treasure after killing 3 more black rats.

Head east down the hallway and clear the room of kobolds, you'll get to meet your first ranged foe (the javelin wielding kobold), or retreat to attract just a few. Turn south and push the lever in the next room, open the cell door and grab the treasure, then return and head through the round door.

Head down the hallway, and be prepared to dodge or block. You'll face ranged kobolds with additional armor. With Kromlech, zig zag to avoid their fire, then get close and hop over the left side of the boxes to line them all up. Block, then after they all throw, swing once, then block until the next time its safe. Once clear, head behind the boxes and down into the water. Clear the four rats, then head out of the water and clear the room of kobolds. You can now turn left to clear an optional passage with a bugbear and more treasure, or continue forward past the water (note, in some versions you may have to take the optional passage to get past the steam). At the end of this main room is a very tough fight, so use the save pedestal when you come to it. Equip a shield and move to the left side behind the boxes; be prepared to heal several times. There are 16 armored kobolds that are ready to throw javelins at you. Rush out from the boxes and into the corner behind the first kobold. Block until safest, then swing once. Continue this trend to kill all of the kobolds, healing whenever you reach 30-40% health.

Head into the room with lots of water and some black rats. Hop along the boxes to reach two treasure chests. On the other side of the room is another treasure chest on some boxes. Climb up the boxes at the end of the water, and hop over the wall of boxes. Be ready to fight some kobolds and a bugbear north of the wall. Go up by the red tent and search the weapon rack (similar to a treasure chest). Walk east to the room with two rectangular pools of water. Clear the kobolds on all three walkways, then head down the tunnel.

The next room contains a save pedestal and many kobolds of all types. There are five armored ranged kobolds around the save pedestal. Clear the room, save, then head east and down the tunnel beyond the crates blocking the path. Check all of the passageways here for treasure, then fight the giant black rat. If you run out of room in your inventory, drop excess weight or recall back to the tavern. Return to the save pedestal, and head north to pull the lever and open the circular door. Kill the bugbear here, then pass through the door to fight your first boss.


When you enter the room, a short cutscene will happen where the Bugbear Chieftain says "Kill the intruders" before sending a pack of kobolds after you. Try to take out the kobolds away from the Bugbear Chieftain, otherwise you may get overwhelmed. When he attacks you, have a shield ready. Block, then strike just after his hit ricochets off of your shield. After you kill him you will receive a prison cell key (he has about 90 health on easy mode).

Clear the room of treasure, but don't go up the stairs to town yet. Notice the locked door and the passageway to the east. Go down the passage and free Ethon (and the treasure in the last cell). He'll tell you that he went down into the sewers from the entrance in the streets. You'll also find out that he used to be part of the old thieves guild, but is now retired. Before he leaves, he'll give you the key to the second level of the sewers. Return to the main room and go up the stairs.

Return to Elf Song and speak with everyone, including the new patrons, Ipswitch and Osala, to get two new quests: Find Keissen and Family Heirloom.

Speak with Ethon to complete Rescue Ethon and receive:

  • 100 gold coins.
  • An Amulet of Dexterity (+1 dex).
  • 200 experience.

You should level up from this if you haven't already.

Speak with Alyth for an additional reward for Rescue Ethon:

  • 200 gold coins.
  • 300 experience.

Return to the sewers from the streets, and enter the second level.

Sewers level 2[edit]

You begin in a room with a save pedestal and three explosive barrels. Head through the door and kill the three bugbears. Retreat into the doorway to face them 1v1. In the next room are four more bugbears, and a new type of enemy: the gelatin cube, a deadly ranged creature that throws balls of slime, but can also punch you when close. There are three of these in the room.

To the east are to exits into one giant room with lots of kobolds and bugbears. On the north side is a save pedestal and another gelatinous type monster: the green slime. Green slimes are slightly weaker than the gelatine cube, but they are much less aggressive. Unlike the blue cubes that charge you, green slimes will sit back and pelt you until you do something about it. Kill both slimes, then turn west and kill the one slime in the short passageway.

Turn back and head east to the end of the tunnel. Use ranged attacks to take out the groups of slimes more easily. Head around to the end of the passage to open a treasure chest, then enter the small room to press the lever (always watch out for steam vents).

Head back to the first save pedestal and then head north, down the final passage. Head north past slimes and a blue cube. You'll reach a circular room. Go into the large hallway and equip a bow. Shootdown all 10 or so green slimes, then go to the small room at the back and push the lever. Return to the crossroads and turn west. Kill the blue cube, then head east.

From the new save pedestal, head east to the circular room. Clear the green slimes, push the lever, then return and head through the circular door. Head through the small rooms, and enter the crypt.