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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

Here is a list of most of the enchanted items in the game and where to get them: Anything in bold and big is an artifact that can be made by Cromwell.

Chapter 1[edit]

Irenicus' Dungeon[edit]

  • Pommel jewel of the Equalizer =

in the chest of mistresses room

  • Sword of Chaos = from the djinn in the dungeon
  • Ring of Protection + 1 = Found in the statue after all wands cleared
  • Girdle of Bluntness = Found in locked chest north of the forge
  • Mail of the Dead + 2 = From the duegar at the forge

Chapter 2 items in quests[edit]

General store[edit]

  • Staff of Rynn
  • Knaves Robe
  • Girdle of Hill Giant Strength
  • Ring of Animal Friendship
  • Bracers AC 4
  • Sword of Flame
  • Ring of Air Control
  • Giant Hair Crossbow
  • Heavy Crossbow of Searing
  • Reflection Shield
  • Fortress Shield
  • Strong Arm
  • Karajah`s Leather Armour
  • Armour Of Deep Night
  • Ring Of Protection + 1
  • Ring Of Energy
  • Bracers AC 3
  • Bracers AC 7
  • Aeger`s Hide
  • Amulet Of Protection

Above Gaelyn Bayle (store)[edit]

  • Glasses of Identification
  • Gem Bag

Trademeet (Market)[edit]

  • Dwarven Thrower
  • Cloak of Displacement
  • Belt of Inertial Barrier
  • Ras
  • Blackblood
  • Martial Staff

Copper Coronet[edit]

Tuigan Bow = From Beastmaster

Copper Coronet (Hendark)[edit]

  • Blade of Roses
  • Mauler`s Arm
  • The Sleeper
  • Light Crossbow of Speed
  • Sling Of Seeking
  • Battle Axe, Stonefire
  • Azurege (Axe)
  • Sword Of Flame

Riddle In Sewers (Quest)[edit]

  • Lilarcor (2 handed talking Sword)

Slave ship in slums[edit]

  • Cloak Of Protection +1
  • Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs shapeshifters = When won

Circus (Quest)[edit]

  • Girdle of Piercing
  • Ring of Human Influence

Harpers (Quest)[edit]

  • Helm of Charm Protection
  • Staff Spear

Sewers in Temple District[edit]

  • Cloak of the Sewers = Underground dropped by rakshaa
from enemies
  • Hangard`s Axe (Throwing)
  • Helmet of Charm Protection
  • Wyerven`s Tail (Club)

Unseeing Eye(Quest)[edit]

  • Ashideena = in small hollow near bridge
  • Gaunlets of Dxterity = from mound in lower levels
  • Skin of the Ghoul = from undead leader
  • Dragon`s Bane (Halbard) = from at the north in Eyes' lair
  • Amulet of 5% Magic resistance = Unseeing Eye
  • Saving Grace = from Avatar
  • Girdle of Fortitude = from Gaal
  • Heavy Crossbow of accuracy = from elite guard captain
  • Arduila`s Flail = from high priest

Ilithium (Cleric quest)[edit]

  • Neb`s Nasty Cutter = Neb
  • Helm of Glory = Priest

Sphere (Valygar Quest)[edit]

  • Gaunlets of Ogre power= Halflings
  • Ripper = Halflings
  • Ring of the Ram = Tolgeris
  • Helm of Defence = Ice Room
  • Shield of Falling Stars = from Fire Room
  • Staff of Fire = from Fire Room
  • Protector of the Second = From Room Norh of Lavok
  • Ring of Danger Sense = from Power Core Room
  • Ring of Aucity = From Lavok after dead

De'Arniase Keep[edit]

  • Ring of Earth Control = in room near Forge
  • Flail Head (cold) = in room near Forge
  • Flail Head (fire) = From glacius
  • Shield Amulet = Lower levels
  • Orc Leather = lower Levels
Golem Room[edit]
  • Frostraver (Battle Axe)
  • Gatkin (War Hammer)
  • Flail Head (Acid)
  • Elven Court Bow

Other Plane[edit]

  • Necklace of Form Stability = from chest near where you first meet her`dalis
  • Rod of Resurrection = from Box near wizard

Enemies at the start[edit]

  • Bracers AC 8
  • Cloak of the Shield
  • Pixie Prick (Dagger)
  • Boots of Speed
  • Wand of the Heavens
  • Melodic Chain
  • Bracers AC 8 = from thralls to right


  • Adjthanka the Drinker
  • Shaft of the Wave


  • Rashad`s Talon = From Djinn
  • Shield of Harmony = from Lady (When Won In Trademeet)

Druid Grove (Quest)[edit]

  • Spear of the Unicorn = From Troll Mound
  • Bracers of Archery = from Troll Mound
  • Belm (Scimitar) = from chest in Ogre`s tower


  • Proof Against Poison (amulet)
  • Cleric`s Staff

Windspear Hills (Quest)[edit]

  • Ring Of Fire Resistance = from the Rakashaa

Mask of King Strom[edit]

  • Dragonslayer
  • Dragon Scale Shield
  • Heartseeker (Bow) = from golem cave
  • Horn of Blasting = from Wolfwere people (they Trick you)
  • Dragon Helm = from well
  • Delver`s Plate = Chief Dig-Dag

Umar Hills[edit]

  • Arla`s Dragonbane (Sling) = in woman`s arms
  • Cloak of the Stars = from Marella at end

Patrick at the end[edit]

  • Darkmail
  • Duskblade (Halberd)
  • The Night`s Gift (Armour) = From Major
  • Crom Faeyr Scroll= From dragon


  • Ilbratha (Short Sword)

Tanner (quest)[edit]

  • Gaesyn Bow Shaft

Mae'Var Thieves (Quest)[edit]

  • Nymph Cloak = from storekeep (Mae`Var)
  • Boots of Stealth = from strongbox
  • Shadow Armour = Mae`Var
  • Short Sword of Backstabbing = Renal bloodscalp

Graveyard District[edit]

  • Namarra = Crypt King
  • Staff of Curing = Eastern Tomb in graveyard district

Gong Quest[edit]

  • Boomerang Dagger

Buried Alive[edit]

  • Boots of Grounding
  • Silver Pantaloons (need to ransom lady)

Den of seven vales[edit]

Dwarf + Company[edit]

  • Cloak of Non-Detection
  • Cursed Beserking Sword

Lich in city gates[edit]

  • Daystar
  • Ring of Invisibility
  • Rod of Terror

Mage quest[edit]

  • Golden Girdle = Knights of Solomia

Chapter 3[edit]

Aran Linvail[edit]

  • Ring of Protection +2
  • Amulet of Power

Bhodi's Lair[edit]

  • Mace of Distruption = pool of blood Bhodi`s lair
  • Ashen Scales (armour) = from chest in room with 5 pools of blood

Chapter 4[edit]


  • Book of Infinite Spells = Perth the Adept

Bhodi`s Test Part 1[edit]

  • Ring of Free Action = from yellowed tome
  • Dusty Rose Ioun Stone = from the room with statues e.g two boots
  • Doomplate = from djinn give him stones
  • Ring of Regeneration = from 12 riddles

Bhodi`s test part 2[edit]

  • Malakar = from troll in room with paintings
  • Flame of the North = from ulitharid in roo with paintings
  • Gesen Bow String = in room with 3 golems guarding a chest
  • Jester`s Chain = 20 tokens
  • Boots of Speed = 15 tokens

Test of Sanity[edit]

  • Bone Club +3vs Undead = from the place with the three trolls (answer all questions right)

Jon's Room[edit]

  • Horn of Silence
  • Staff of Thunder and Lightning

Saghuian city[edit]

  • Boots of Etheralness: from a chest (win with imps game).
  • Cloak of Protection +2: from a chest (win with imps game).
  • Spear +3 Impaler: from the King.
  • Wave Blade: from the Prince.
  • Rod of Lordly Might: in the vault.
  • Cloak of Mirroring: from the Priestess in the fish skeleton (big mouth).

Chapter 5[edit]

  • Jhor the Bleeder = from far left factes
  • Backbiter (Cursed) = from the third facet rro the left
  • Skullcrusher = from the major swinderbarjen

Illithid city[edit]

  • Hilt of the Equalizer = from the table when you first come in
  • Methid`s Harp = from the grill north of jailer's room
  • Ring of Fire Resistance = from the insane dwarf in prison south of the elder brain
  • Staff of Command = in the secret room North-East of the room south of the elder brain`s lair

Orb city[edit]

  • Blade of the Equalizer = from elder orb
  • Amulet of Spell Warding = from elder orb

Drow city[edit]

Drow store at entrance[edit]

  • Harbringer (Two Handed Sword)
  • Spear of Withering
  • Sentinel (Shield)
  • Staff of Earth
  • Firetooth (Throwing Dagger)
  • Rod of Smiting
  • Kaligun`s Amulet of Magic Resistance (10%)

Drow Tavern[edit]

  • Blade of Searing = beat good drow in ring
  • Boneblade (Dagger) = from quille
  • Bracers of Binding (Cursed) = from the light above house jae`lett
  • Armour of the Viper= from lich`s place

Middle tower[edit]

  • Crossbow of Affliction = from pool
  • Ring of Clumsiness = from pool of water

Matron Mother[edit]

  • Ring of Spell Turning
  • Gorgons Plate


  • Neacaradan`s Crossbow

Ku toa Prince[edit]

  • Bracers of Binding Strike


  • Rod of Absorption
  • Skull of Death

Chapter 6[edit]

Ribald`d store 2[edit]

  • Helm of Brilliance
  • Warblade
  • Crimson Chain
  • Asp`s Nest
  • T`achie`s plate (Cursed)

Bhodi`s Lair[edit]

  • Cutthroat

Elven Forest[edit]

  • Mana Bow

Elven city[edit]

  • Girdle of Stone Giant Strength = from Rakashaa in Demin`s house
  • Bladesinger Chain = from dragon
  • Boots of Elvenkind = from the house of the moon
  • Staff of the Woodlands +4 = rillifane