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There are 15 Achievements in Band of Bugs worth a total of 250 Gamerscore points. The Red Kingdom downloadable content must be purchased to unlock the "Red Kingdom Champion" and "Gold Star" Achievements, as they set goals that require the pack to complete. Users may find they are not able to unlock these two Achievements, even with the content, as there was initially a glitch with the awards not being on Microsoft's server before the content was released. The problem has since been fixed, but if you completed the goals before that point, you'll need to recover your Gamertag and re-play the last mission to unlock the Achievements that you deserve. [1] The "Ninja Stick Sensei" is currently unattainable and is assumed to be linked to an upcoming downloadable content package. [2]

Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
BoB Recruit.jpg Recruit Completed the Tutorial. 10 Gamerscore points
BoB Skilled.jpg Skilled Use 25 skills or spells. 20 Gamerscore points
BoB Bugs of War.jpg Let Loose the Bugs of War Complete the single-player campaign. 40 Gamerscore points
BoB Tactical Maneuvers.jpg Tactical Maneuvers Earn five of every hit bonus type outside of the tutorials. 20 Gamerscore points
BoB Wet Bug Smell.jpg Wet Bug Smell Defeat an opponent by knocking him into the water. 15 Gamerscore points
BoB Big Game Hunter.jpg Big Game Hunter Show the barbarians up in food hunt. 10 Gamerscore points
BoB Third Times the Charm.jpg Third Time's the Charm Win three multiplayer games. Gamerscore points
BoB Gold Digging Ants.jpg Gold Digging Ants Earn 20 gold medals. 20 Gamerscore points
BoB Spider Tamer.jpg Spider Tamer Earn 30 points in a single Spider Hunter game. 10 Gamerscore points
BoB Ice Maker.jpg Ice Maker Freeze 50 water tiles. 15 Gamerscore points
BoB Good Host.jpg Good Host Host 10 multiplayer games. 15 Gamerscore points
BoB Bouncer.jpg Bouncer Win a scenario by knocking all opponents out of playable area. 20 Gamerscore points

Red Kingdom Champion[edit]

Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
BoB Red Kingdom Champion.jpg Red Kingdom Champion Complete the Red Kingdom downloadable campaign. 15 Gamerscore points
BoB Gold Star.jpg Gold Star Earn at least 10 gold medals from downloadable campaigns. 15 Gamerscore points

Gold Star[edit]

Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
BoB Ninja Stick Sensei.jpg Ninja Stick Sensei Complete the Ninja Sticks of Fury downloadable campaign. 20 Gamerscore points