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Note: these codes require a Gameshark
Everything Unlocked
813831BE FFFF
80383BC0 00FF
81383BC2 FFFF
80383BC7 00FF
80383BD4 8005
80383BCF 00A2

All Jiggys
50000D01 0000
803832D0 00FF

All Moves and Pads
8037CDA1 00FF
8137C3A2 FFFF

Exit To Witches Lair (Beta Option)
8036C4FC 0000
8036C4FD 005A
8036C50D 007D
8036C51D 009C
8036C4FE 0005
81383012 0100

Animal Modifier (Uses Digits 3)
8037D188 00XX

Digits 3
01 Normal
02 Termite
03 Pumpkin
04 Walrus
05 Crocodile
06 Bee
07 Washing Machine