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Item Picture Description
Honeycombs Banjo-Kazooie Item Honey energy.png Since Banjo is a honey bear, health is measured in honey. When you find honeycombs, you will restore your health.
Mumbo Tokens Collect these tokens and give them to Mumbo to transform into different objects or animals. Go to Mumbo's hut to see how many tokens you need.
Molehills If you find a molehill you can learn new moves from Bottles. These are very important to have so search intently.
Entrance/Exit Pad The Entrance/Exit Pad will teleport you into or out of a level. It is important you remember where it is when you enter a level.
Golden Banjos When you collect a Golden Banjo, you get an extra life. There are a few hidden in each level.
Beehives Beehives are easy to spot because they look like beehives with eyes. When you attack one, you get 3 honeycomb pieces. Sometimes, they will have bees, so be careful!
Witch Switches In a level, you can find a switch with grunty's face on it. Slam on it to unlock a Jiggy inside Grunty's Lair that you can go collect later.

Collection items[edit]

These are items that are required to progress through Banjo-Kazooie and are also used to measure how complete a level is.

Note: some of these items can also be found in the area in-between the levels, Gruntilda’s Lair.

Name Picture Description #/World
Musical Notes Notes are used to open Note Doors in Gruntilda's Lair. 100
Jiggys Jiggys are giant puzzle pieces that you can earn. They act as keys to open up new worlds by supplying you with the pieces necessary to finish that world's entrance puzzle. Worlds available farther in the game steadily require more Jiggys to finish their puzzle. The more Jiggys you find, the more worlds you can open. 10
Jinjos Jinjos are tiny multi-colored creatures that have been captured by Grunty and need your help. If you find all 5 in a level you will earn 1 of that level’s Jiggys. 5
Empty Honeycomb Pieces Banjo-Kazooie Item Honeycomb piece.png Empty Honeycomb Pieces will increase the amount of health you find. Usually 2

Items that require Bottles’ help[edit]

A lot of items in Banjo-Kazooie require help from Bottles the mole before you can freely use them. Once you find his mole hill and talk to him you will be able to pick up and use these special items.

Name Picture Description Molehill location
Eggs Banjo-Kazooie Item Blue Egg.png You can pick up these blue eggs on any level. They are a type of ammunition that you can shoot at your foes with Kazooie’s help. Mumbo's Mountain
Red Feathers Banjo-Kazooie Item Red Feather.png Red Feathers are what help you to fly. You can pick up red feathers on any level. However a Flight Pad is required for you to take off and use them. Treasure Trove Cove
Flight Pads Flight Pads are blue circles with a red feather on them. After you learn how to fly, step on a flight pad to be launched into the air and take flight. As you fly Red Feathers will be used up over time. Treasure Trove Cove
Gold Feathers Banjo-Kazooie Item Gold Feather.png Unlike Red Feathers, Gold Feathers will give you invulnerability. They are expended over time when this ability is actively being used. You can pick up gold feathers on any level. Clanker's Cavern
Shock Jump Pads Shock Jump Pads look like green circles with a claw on it. Once you learn how to, step on it to jump really high. Treasure Trove Cove
Wading Boots Wading Boots are green boots that help you walk through swamps or icy water. Without these boots those obstacles would normally cause damage. Bubble Gloop Swamp
Running Shoes The Running Shoes help you run really fast. Gobi's Valley