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Congratulations! You made it to the top of the tower! But you're not finished yet, you still need to find Grunty.

The Gruntilda Puzzle[edit]

Once you get to the top of the tower, there will be a note door and a puzzle waiting for you. You need at least 810 notes to open the door. After that, you need 25 Jiggies to get to Grunty.

Notes Galore[edit]

Once you enter the room with Dingpot, you will be surrounded by note doors. Behind the first door is an oversized blue egg which will refill your entire egg supply. Behind the second door is a giant red feather. Behind the third door is a large gold feather. Now the last note door is a small puzzle that will let you double your energy supply. You only need 4 Jiggies for this puzzle. After you open all the doors you're free to jump into Dingpot and fight Gruntilda!

The Witch Hunt[edit]

When you reach the roof, you will see Grunty floating on her broomstick. Ignore the items around the castle top, you'll need those for later.

During the fight, keep your ears open for the sound that means a Magnet Spell is headed your way. It's a glowing spiral ball of energy that tracks you. You can't dodge these and can't outrun them, so use your Wonderwing shield (gold feathers) to block this spell and you'll take no damage from it.

1- Sweep Attack[edit]

When you start, Grunty will swoop down on her broomstick. Dodge her the first time and attack her the second time when she has "Engine Problems" with her broom. Keep doing this pattern until she changes her strategy.

2- Fire Fight[edit]

Once she flies over where you can't reach her, start shooting eggs at her. But beware, she will shoot fire at you, so move quickly. After a few hits, she will move farther away. Just follow her around the castle top until she changes her strategy again.

3- Air Battle[edit]

When she starts flying high in the air, Bottles will provide a flying pad. Fly up into the air and beak bomb her 4 times. Then she will create a forcefield you cannot get through.

4- Jinjo Missiles[edit]

After she creates a forcefield, Jinjo statues will pop up around the castle top. Shoot eggs into the small holes on the statues while doging fireballs to activate the Jinjos. Once activated, they will attack Grunty. Once you activate all 4, the mighty Jinjonator will appear.

5- The Jinjonator[edit]

A giant statue of a jinjo named the Jinjonator will appear. Shoot eggs into the slots around the statue to activate it. Once you activate the Jinjonator, it will attack Grunty over and over again until Grunty falls off the roof.

Congratulations! You beat the game! Now collect all the Jiggies for a secret...