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It all starts off with a brief recap of two of the duo's games:

"Once upon a time, there lived a heroic bear called Banjo, a rather loud bird called Kazooie, and an unpleasant witch called Gruntilda. When Banjo's sister was kidnapped, the bear and bird rescued her from the depths of the witch's lair, overcoming many perils and speech impediments to send Gruntilda tumbling to her doom. But she was nothing if not persistent, and surprising nobody, the old hag soon rose from her grave for round two. Our brave heroes once again stood in her way, and this second showdown ended just as badly from Gruntilda, who really should have quit while she was... ahead. Many years have passed and peace reigns in Spiral Mountain. So what became of the bear, the bird, and the witch?"

Narrator - Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

We finally see our two heroes for the first time in eight years. (not counting the spin-offs) It looks like they have gained a few pounds since their last adventure. Suddenly, a noise. At the tunnel where the Hag 1 dug up, the beheaded skull of the witch has finally returned after eight years of traveling through the Isle O' Hags and it looks like her ability to rhyme redeveloped. She hops towards Banjo's house.

The bear and bird suddenly hear a noise and, to Banjo's reluctance, decide to check it out.

You finally gain control of Banjo there is nothing you can except to run far from your house. Use Neutral lstick to move Banjo. You can run around to hear a few lines, but continue on anyways.

Heroes and Villans Reunite[edit]

The duo find their enemy up and ready to butt some heads (okay, not literally).

As they began however, the whole world pauses (complete with the word "pause". Suddenly, a strange character appears and releases he two from their frozen state. The pixel faced entity introduces himself as LOG (Lord of Games) the creator of all video games ever released. He decides to "settle (their) differences" by setting up a game, to collect as many pointless objects as possible. The one who gains the most objects, wins Spiral Mountain.

So let's begin so we can end this game already!

Collecting pointless objects[edit]

All you have to do here is to collect more objects than Gruntilda. You are very fat, so if you go forward from the starting point, Gruntilda will start collecting more since she is faster than you, however, you can go back and, what do you know, a head start in the crater.

Collecting objects, just like the old times... times that would have to wait longer.

Never mind[edit]

Right before 10 seconds into the challenge, LOG cancels it, as he decides "gamers today don't want this".

So he decides to abandon the tradition of the Banjo-Kazooie series and entirely turn the series on its head. He summons a gate and two vehicles. Banjo isn't sure if he, Kazooie, and Grunty are fit for another adventure, so LOG decides to rebuff them. The heroic duo regain their fitness level and the old hag's skull placed in a robotic replica of her body. You and Grunty race through the gate with a silly looking trolley and a badass vehicle (respectively).

Welcome to Showdown Town[edit]

You crash your vehicle upon entry. LOG introduces you to his town, named Showdown Town. LOG now explains your goal. Here, you will find doors that will lead you to worlds (not quite) beyond your imagination. Just collect enough Jiggies (yep Jiggies) to open new doors. Just carry the Jiggies to the Jiggy bank and the numbers will add up. Eventually you will collect enough Jiggies to reopen Spiral Mountain, where you will finally settle the score with Grunty.

Speaking of Grunty, where is the witch? You reunite with the old hag, who has (literally) built robots (or Gruntbots) that will hinder your process.

So what about the moves you learned several years back? LOG says you won't need them, as the deity grant's you a magical wrench. That's it? He will also grant Grunty a... cat?


You will now start the tutorial. Just follow the instructions and meet your old friend Mumbo Jumbo, who shows you his motors shop, again, follow the instructions to continue, you will have a choice on to built vehicles. A newcomer would choose yes, those who already played choose otherwise.

The First World[edit]

After you are done (and following more instructions) you can explore the bustling town for a little while (seeing another friend Humba Wumba) Eventually, LOG will call you up to his factory. Follow the path the camera runs through and meet up with LOG. Use X button to talk to him. He will offer you a free Jiggy. Follow even more instructions to place the first game globe at the plinth at the Town Square. Open the first Act to the first world. So without further ado, let us begin the Jiggy hunting!