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You enter the first luxurious and artificial world of Nutty Acres, here you will find all of the finest nuts in the gaming world! In this ranch-like world, you will meet characters old and new. Here you will find a mini-forest, a swamp, a beach, a field, a volcano, and of course, humongous... cogs? It turns out everything in this world is artificial, sun lantern, blanket ground, cog sky, and waves. This will be one bizarre place indeed.

Act 1[edit]

Jiggies Required: 0

Bangers 'N' Dash[edit]

  • Host: Klungo
  • Location: Just outside the exit gate.
  • Mission: You will meet an old enemy, now a retarded friend of yours. He is panicking because Mumbo's ranch is on fire! He can see smoking rising from there! It looks like you have to go to the shaman's house to help, but not without the trolley. This is it, your very first challenge!
  • Vehicle Requirements: This is a LOG choice.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: under 0:30
    • Jiggy: 0:30-3:00
    • Notes: Over 3:00
  • Strategy: Just drive to Mumbo's house as fast as possible. Dodge some trees if you need to. Careful not to fall in the river, or it will slow down your process. It is about northwest of the exit gate. As soon as you reach the ranch (just go through the eastern gate) you will find out tht Mumbo's mhouse isn't actually burning, but his barbecue. Talk to Mumbo to complete the mission. If you managed to reach Mumbo in less than half a minute, you will earn not just Notes and a Jiggy, but a Trophy! Congratulations! You have collected your first Jiggy! Now, go back to Showdown Town and bank it in to unlock new worlds and acts!

Jinjo Challenges[edit]

Green Jinjo: Fetch[edit]

  • Location: South of Exit Gate.
  • Mission: The Jinjo has lost an old family heirloom and wants you to find it, it thinks it lost it somewhere near Mambo's ranch.
  • Vehicle Requirements: The Trolley will do.
  • Strategy: Go to the field south of Mombo's ranch and across the river. here, you will find the heirloom: a banjo. Carry the banjo back to the Jinjo (evading a few Gruntbots along the way) and you will finish the mission and the Jinjo will give you a Green Token

Red Jinjo: Speed[edit]

  • Location: North of Exit Gate.
  • Mission: The Jinjo wants to see if you could go fast enough to satisfy him.
  • Vehicle Requirements: Choose any vehicle you want, but again, the Trolley works.
  • Strategy: It's quite simple, just race towards the set speed. It shouldn't be hard at all. Use momentum from the hills to accomplish the test.

Act 2[edit]

Jiggies required: 1

Great Balls Of Fire[edit]

  • Host: Humba Wumba
  • Location: Inside the volcano.
  • Mission: Humba tells you that the volcano has erupted and is releasing rocks that are releasing toxic gas that could soon drown the whole game globe! She knows that they only way to stop them is to cool them down with water. It looks like the farmland's watery should do the trick.
  • Vehicle Requirements: It is still possible to get a Trophy with just a trolley, but to finish it quickly, perhaps you should add another engine or two.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: under 1:50
    • Jiggy: 1:50-3:40
    • Notes: 3:40-5:00
  • Strategy: You start from the volcano. There are three fireballs place: the one on one of the nut piles north of Mumbo's ranch, the one at the beach west of Mumbo's ranch, and the one at the forest (where the exit from Act 1 was). The first ball to get is the one on the nutty piles. Grab it and put it on the tray. Drive towards the second nut, the one at the beach, dropping the first rock in the river along the way. Grab that one and, as you head to the third and final fireball, drop that one into the river. If you did the first two quickly, than you should still have time to do that fireball on the forest in the southeast. Drop that in the nearby ocean to finish the challenge.

Coconut Circuits[edit]

  • Host: Trophy Thomas
  • Location: Northeast from Mumbo's ranch.
  • Mission: You will meet an all new character of the series, enter Trophy Thomas. He challenges you into a few races around the world. He sure doesn't have his hopes up for you.
  • Vehicle Requirements: Again, it is still possible for a trolley to get a T.T. Just a few engines will make things easier.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: under 1:55
    • Jiggy: 1:55-3:50
    • Notes: 3:50-5:00
  • Strategy: You will have to win the first two of the three races TT came up with, but that is just to win another Trophy.

The first race is quite short. Just follow the green gates to the bridge just south of Mumbo's ranch, in a field where you found a banjo in the last act. You will start from the nut piles, cut through a few hills if you need to. Go around the ranch and go through the finish line

After winning, TT promises best two out of three. He starts the race again, extending the whole track. Thomas is faster and more aggressive than the last, so beating him is a bit more difficult. Go through the same track as the last, but this time, you have to go around the field to your right. Go through the cave behind the field and finish things off near the hills.

If you fail to win one the two races, the third time is the charm, except no trophy. Thomas is even faster and even more aggressive than the second, so it's going to be tough. The track is the same as the second track, though it is recommended that you restart the challenge.

Tick, Tick, Bang![edit]

  • Host: Mumbo Jumbo
  • Location: Inside Mumbo's ranch.
  • Mission: Grunty's minions have dropped what looks like a huge time bomb. Mumbo accidentally set off the timer and now he is in hot water! Mumbo thinks Bottles knows what to do, but unfortunately he is at the airstrip. Mumbo wants you to carry it to him before it explodes.
  • Vehicle Requirements: This is a LOG choice.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: under 0:50
    • Jiggy: 0:50-3:30
    • Notes: 3:50-5:00
  • Strategy: Right before you began, bust open a Mumbo box next to the bomb. Inside it is a Small Engine. Now grab the bomb and put it in your vehicle. Jump on and use X button to pull the engine on. Carefully and as fast as you can, move into the volcano from the south (where you played Humba's challenge) and go to the volcano's west exit and as soon as you reach outdoors again, make a sharp left turn, here you will find Bottles, who will fix everything and end the mission.

Jinjo Challenges[edit]

Blue Jinjo: Combat[edit]

  • Location: At the beach.
  • Mission: The Jinjo wants to challenge you into a shoving match. First one out of the ring, loses.
  • Vehicle Requirements: The Trolley doesn't seem too effective, so make it wider and, if you have one, add an engine.
  • Strategy: The Jinjo is a piece of cake. Just push the Jinjo out of the ring, simple, if you read the Requirements up above. If you win, the Jinjo will reward you with a Blue Jinjo Token.

Green Jinjo: Race[edit]

  • Location: On the brown clearing (start of the road) in the hill area in the far south of the main island.
  • Mission: The Jinjo wants to race you down the hill beat him first.
  • Vehicle Requirements: Choose any vehicle you want, but again, the Trolley works.
  • Strategy: It's quite simple, race down the road starting from the exit and go down the road circling the hill. Go through the green gates to proceed. If you reach the finish line before the Jinjo, you will win the challenge and the Jinjo will reward you with the Green Jinjo Token.

Purple Jinjo: Taxi[edit]

  • Location: At the swamp on the main island's southwest corner.
  • Mission: The Jinjo wants to get out of the stinky swamp and onto someplace fresher. Perhaps on top of one of the nut piles will do the trick.
  • Vehicle Requirements: This is a LOG choice.
  • Strategy: As you start, wait until the Jinjo jumps on. Then, go through the nearest river bridge and carry the little thing to the top of the piles, as noted by the glowing ring. After taking it there, the Jinjo will reward you with a Purple Jinjo Token.

Act 3[edit]

Jiggy's Required: 3

Grunty's Loco Coco[edit]

  • Host: Gruntilda
  • Location: At the swamp.
  • Mission: You will see the old witch herself. She planning to use her hefty vehicle to steal the 100-year-old Loco Coco, the mother of all nuts created. Grunty wants to use it to destroy Mumbo's farm and you have to knock the nut out before she does so.
  • Vehicle Requirements: Make your vehicle fast and heavy. This will put her in her place for now.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: under 0:30
    • Jiggy: 0:30-4:30
    • Notes: 4:30-5:00
  • Strategy: Just collide with Grunty with good enough force and you finish the challenge in a jiffy, or you can get of the vehicle when Grunty is hindered and use the wrench to grab the nut! Defeating her will give you a nice pair of new wheel for your trolley.

Not going so well? No problem! Just north of Grunty is a hidden vehicle. Use it to knock Grunty off her trail, along with Loco Coco.

Jinjo Challenges[edit]

Red Jinjo: Hurl[edit]

  • Location: At the Airstrip.
  • Mission: The Jinjo wants you to push him as far as possible.
  • Score Required: 100
  • Vehicle Requirements: Add an engine to make a better force.
  • Strategy: Just push the Jinjo out of the ring. Make sure you push it down the volcano hill. Pushing it with enough force may cause the Jinjo to go on and beyond how far he wants.

Yellow Jinjo: Fetch[edit]

  • Location: Southeast corner of Mumbo's ranch.
  • Mission: The Jinjo has lost a friend of his, called a Glowbo. He thinks he ran off at the swamp near the volcano
  • Vehicle Requirements: The trolley works fine.
  • Strategy: You will find the Glowbo under the pond next to the volcano. It is quite big, so carrying it back could take some time. Just give it to the Jinjo and collect your prize.

Act 4[edit]

Jiggies Required: 8

Cheatin' Witch[edit]

  • Host: Trophy Thomas
  • Location: Inside the cave behind the nut fields.
  • Mission: Thomas doesn't look like his hot self. Apparently, Grunty's cat, Piddles, has challenged him into a race. Unfortunately, he is not prepared, so it looks like it's up to you. Be careful though, as the ferocious feline has a few tricks up her sleeve.
  • Vehicle Requirements: Make your vehicle fast and stable. It should be a piece of cake.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: under 1:45
    • Jiggy: 1:45-2:10
    • Notes: 2:10-5:00
  • Strategy: Be sure to get past Piddles. Swerve if you have to (she can freeze your vehicle or stiffen your wheels a little).
You start the race inside the cave. The first part is to go down the beach around the hills. Steer through the obsticles as you go through the gates. Turn left if you reach a place full of stacks of crates. Head straight and acroos the bridge. Afterwords, go through Mumbo's ranch (going around it as guided will cause you to lose time) and take a sharp right turn and go through the nutty hills and inside the volcano. Take the left exit (again, going as guided will cost you time). And go right after exiting. Go through the airstrip and into the road around the volcano. Then drop off and go down more beaches aroung the atoll. Again, avoid obsticles until you get to the docks. Turn left there to your last checkpoint, finishing the race.

High Jinks[edit]

  • Host: Bottles
  • Location: At the airstrip.
  • Mission: Bottles doesn't really have a problem, but he likes you to test out his new airplane. Don't know how to fly? Don't worry, as this challenge is actually a tutorial of the flying side of the gameplay.
  • Vehicle Requirements: This is a LOG choice.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: under 2:10
    • Jiggy: 2:10-3:30
    • Notes: 3:30-5:00
  • Strategy: Follow the instructions Bottles gives you to accomplish these following steps. First, you have to take off from the airstrip and go to a high enough altitude. Then go through several checkpoints to learn how to fly. Do a somersault and knock down some nuts at the stacks of crates. Now go to the top a the hill at the nuts fields and safely touch down there. Get off the plane and break some nearby Mumbo crates to open up some ammo and an egg gun. Get on the plane again and attach the weapon. Now take off and Bottles will place several balloons. Use you new weapon to shoot all balloons. After destroying every one, the mission will finally end.


  • Host: Klungo
  • Location: Mumbo's ranch.
  • Mission: Klungo's job is to collect some coconuts from the fields and put them in the vacuum. Unfortunately, Klungo doesn't know how. Not only that, but some Gruntbots are interfering with the fields, eating them! It looks like it's up to you to do the job or the green blob will get sacked.
  • Vehicle Requirements: This is a LOG choice.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: under 2:00
    • Jiggy: 2:00-3:30
    • Notes: 3:30-5:00
  • Strategy: Collect 14 coconuts to complete the challenge. It is not as simple as it looks. Go out of the ranch and collect 7 coconuts. Defeat some Gruntbots if you have to. Bring them back to the ranch and suck them up. Repeat the process to finish the challenge.
A little too hard for you? Don't worry, as there is an alternative and faster way. Instead of bringing the many coconuts to the single vacuum, why not bring the vacuum to the coconuts?! As soon as you start the challenge, hit the vacuum with your wrench (you need something to climb up, like your vehicle). The vacuum will fall, so grab it and put it in the vehicle. drive down to the fields and pick up and hold the vacuum. Straiten it up and suck all of the coconuts and Gruntbots like dust. This will save enough time for an easy Trophy!

Fighting Fit[edit]

  • Host: Mr. Fit
  • Location: The crate stacks.
  • Mission: Mr. Fit wants to take a quick jog, but every time he does so, Gruntbots come to pick on him. What you can do is to protect him while he makes a run to the top of the hill. The Gruntbots usually attacks when he takes a breather.
  • Vehicle Requirements: Add a few weapons.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: 1000-750
    • Jiggy: 750-200
    • Notes: 200-1
  • Strategy: You'll just have to protect Mr. Fit from those pesky Gruntbots as much as possible. As he takes his first breather, destroy the appearing Gruntbot before it attacks. Mr. Fit will now start jogging again. Race ahead of him to attack more appearing Gruntbots. After taking his second breather, he will start to go up the hill and follow the road to the top. Defeat even more Gruntbots on each side of the road and as the jogger takes his third breather. He'll run further down the climbing road and takes his last one near the top. Defeat the last of the Gruntbots before Fit takes his final steps of the challenge.

Jinjo Challenges[edit]

Blue Jinjo: Taxi[edit]

  • Location: Bottom of the road. Southeast of the volcano.
  • Mission: This little guy wants to be carried to the top of the volcano. It wants to be there quickly.
  • Time: 1:05
  • Vehicle Requirements: This is a LOG choice.
  • Strategy: Just carry it up the road to the top of the volcano. There are some Gruntbots in the way, so try to avoid them. The wheels aren't high grip, so the steep magma path is out of the way. Try going through the tunnels to make things quicker. Climb up the road to the top, finishing the challenge.

Orange Jinjo: Hurl[edit]

  • Location: Above the tunnel near the coconut field.
  • Mission: It wants you to send it flying.
  • Time: 200
  • Vehicle Requirements: Add a few Bumpers to your vehicle to make things easier.
  • Strategy: Send it flying at the direction of the hills. The hills will add momentum of the Jinjo, so it will roll further, possibly past the 200 target.

Act 5[edit]

Jiggies Required: 31

Save Our Statue[edit]

  • Host: Bottles
  • Location: Top of the structure at the swamp.
  • Mission: You know the coconut statue in the middle of Mumbo's ranch? Well, Grunty's minions are planning to demolish it! Bottles wants you to protect it for about 2 minutes. Think you can make it last that long?
  • Vehicle Requirements: Add a few weapons like a torrent weapon or, if you have one, add a Sticky Ball.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: 1000-800
    • Jiggy: 800-200
    • Notes: 200-1
  • Strategy: Just protect the statue from the minions as much as possible for two minutes. Add a torrent weapon and start shooting down some baddies as soon as you fly into the farm. The statue can only take 100 points off every hit, so two hits could take your trophy, so keep trying.

There is an easier way to do this. If you have a Sticky Ball, you can use it to drag the statue into the sky, so this challenge should be a snap!

Leaky Waterworks[edit]

  • Host: Trophy Thomas
  • Location: At the coconut fields.
  • Mission: Humba Wumba has hired T.T. to watch over the pipes. Unfortunately, every one of them has sprung a leak. He doesn't want to do it himself with all of the Gruntbots, so for once, he is counting on you to clog them up with something round.
  • Vehicle Requirements: Make a fast vehicle as you need to cover a lot of distance.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: 5:00-3:00
    • Jiggy: 3:00-1:30
    • Notes: 1:30-0:01
  • Strategy: There are three leaky pipes all around Nutty Acres. One is just east of the fields. The other is between the atoll and nut piles. The last is at the beach. On each of them you have to clog them up to clear the problem. You can use anything round. The shells, the rocks, even the Gruntbots, which will hinder your progress. After plugging all three of them (the symbols should vanish) the challenge is done.

Farmhand Of The Year[edit]

  • Host: Mr. Fit
  • Location: Mumbo's farm.
  • Mission: Mr. Fit is in a pickle. He has to deliver and ship in as many coconuts as possible in 3-and-a-half minutes, and he hasn't collected a single one. So it looks like it's up to you.
  • Vehicle Requirements: Simple, and a large tray or a Sticky Ball.
  • Prizes:
    • Trophy: 2,500-3,000
    • Jiggy: 1,000-2,500
    • Notes: 50-1,000
  • Strategy: Just bring the coconuts to the vacuum cleaner. It is recommended that you grab the bigger ones first, as they are worth 500 points. The medium sized ones are worth 200 and the small ones are worth 50. You just need to grab one of the nuts, bring them back to the farm and suck them up, and go again until you get a decent enough score.

Still having troubles with the challenge? Well if you know the easy Trophy trick from the last Act, you should remember to carry the vacuum (hit it first) to the nuts and suck them up for less than 10 seconds. Heck, you could suck all of them!

Beat The Fleet[edit]

Hard Boiled Egg[edit]

Old Dog, New Tricks[edit]

Jinjo Challenges[edit]

Orange Jinjo: Race[edit]

On the Pier.

Purple Jinjo: Speed[edit]

  • Location: On top of the volcano
  • Mission: Reach the set speed
  • Time: ?
  • Vehicle Requirements: Two medium engines/Required fuel
  • Strategy: Get any vehicle and add two medium engines then drive down the side of the volcano.

Yellow Jinjo: Combat[edit]

in farm that t.t is at at the back

Act 6[edit]

Air Coconut[edit]

Freewheel Festival[edit]

Riverbed Head To Head[edit]

Nuts To Go[edit]

Makin' Waves[edit]

Jinjo Challenges[edit]

Orange Jinjo: Hurl[edit]

Top of the Volcano