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Cauldron Keep is the final world in the game. The entrance is high up on a platform in the Quagmire; to access it, you need to run to the end of the silver pipe running through the area to grab the Claw Clamber Boots, then follow the pipe until you reach a set of steps to climb up. Up there, you can step on a switch which activates a Shock Spring Pad, allowing for an easier way of access.

Cauldron Keep requires 55 Jiggies to be unlocked. After that, you will pretty much be set on a path to finally beat Gruntilda once and for all; as such the level is pretty linear unlike the other levels in the game.

Outside the tower[edit]

Once you arrive you'll see a Warp Pad, as well as Split Up pads. In front of you is a big tower, but the entrance is closed. To open it up, you need to split up and cross the toxic goo as both Banjo and Kazooie separately to step on two switches besides the entrance. Banjo needs to use the Sack Pack to do this, while Kazooie can Glide over the toxic goo.

Once you've stepped on the switches, the entrance will open, however an electric barrier will still be blocking the passageway. The switch to disable it is found at the back of the tower and needs to be depressed as Banjo and Kazooie together. Once you've done this, you can finally get inside the tower.

Boss: Klungo - Career-Questioning Minion[edit]

Once inside you'll be subjected to the third and final Klungo fight. He will use the last potion he hasn't used yet in any of the two previous fights, so this shouldn't be too hard. However, this time he can actually lead his shots when he throws the potions at you so just running around in circles like in the last two fights won't do you any good; instead you have to run in a zig-zag motion to avoid getting hit.

After three hits Klungo will run off for once and for all. Now enter the new passageway that has just opened.

Tower of Tragedy[edit]

The Tower of Tragedy is this game's quiz. Unlike the prequel, where you had to run across a board and complete various tasks, Gruntilda puts you right in the middle of a quiz show and pits you against her sisters. Gruntilda will ask various questions which may either be trivia questions or she will show a scene of the game and ask a question based on that scene. If you know the answer buzz in to answer it, you will get two points for each correct answer. A wrong answer subtracts two points (so be careful there). If you or someone else gets a question wrong, another person gets the chance to answer it right and score one point; use it if the sisters get questions wrong (but they're usually pretty spot on if they do buzz in).

There are three rounds to this quiz show:

  1. The first round is easy. You just need to not be the last person in terms of score once time runs out.
  2. The second round has you being pitted against the remaining contender. This time you need to be first once time runs out.
  3. In the third round, you're on your own. You need to score at least 15 points within the time limit to win this one.

Once you've passed all three rounds, Grunty will make the getaway. You will get to see the credits roll, luckily it can be skipped with a simple press of the Start button.

Gun Room[edit]

After the credits you'll be subject to another cutscene where Banjo revives Bottles. Once you regain control, you will see there's not much to do here. Dingpot from the prequel hides in one corner of the room, he will replenish all your eggs and feathers if you jump into him. Other than that, run outside and follow the path. Up there is the boss room but it's blocked by another electric barrier. To dispel it, you need to solve Jiggywiggy's final puzzle, which requires 70 Jiggies. There's a conveniently placed Warp Pad that allows you to return here if you happen to arrive without the required amount of Jiggies. Once the electric barrier is gone, step in to see the final boss of this game:

FINAL BOSS: Hag 1 - Monstrous Mechanical Mud-Muncher[edit]

Gruntilda uses the help of her digger machine in this boss fight. It is split up in various phases that change depending on Grunty's health. The corners contain egg refills and Grunty will drop honeycombs after each phase passed, which you will probably sorely need because this boss is not a pushover, especially not in replay mode when you're stuck with just five honeycombs.

  • 100-90 HP: Gruntilda turns on two adjacent laser beams of the Hag 1 and spins around. You just need to jump over the beams which is pretty easy. After a while Grunty will pop up and ask a question and afterwards the game will switch to first-person mode where you need to shoot Grunty with your eggs while she throws her spells at you. If you get the question right she has a slower rate of fire but it doesn't matter too much if you get it wrong. Just bombard her with eggs (as always, Grenade Eggs do the most damage followed by Ice and Fire Eggs and last regular eggs).
  • 90-80 HP: Gruntilda turns on all four laser beams and spins around, this time though she can change the direction she spins around (clockwise/counterclockwise) at will which makes this slightly more tricky. Afterwards the same as before happens; she'll throw her spells at you and you need to shoot her with eggs.
  • 80-70 HP: This time Gruntilda uses a rocket launcher to launch rockets at you. Just run around and don't stand still and you won't get hit. Afterwards, as again, shoot eggs at her while she attacks you.
  • 70-60 HP: Same as before except she adds a second rocket launcher. It's really not harder than before.
  • 60-50 HP: Gruntilda turns on the two beams in front and now tries to hit you with the drill of the Hag 1. You should try to stay away as far as you can to avoid getting hit. This time, after you've bombarded her with eggs, you should quickly run to the back of the Hag 1 because it will momentarily cut out. This is your chance to shoot a Clockwork Kazooie Egg and have it run up into the exhaust of the Hag 1. Inside, navigate it to one of the batteries while avoiding the minion patrolling the area to advance to the next phase.
  • 50-40 HP: Now Gruntilda turns on all four beams in addition to using the drill. Same as before applies except this is quite hard to avoid without getting hit. Again, after you've shot her with eggs shoot a Clockwork Kazooie Egg and enter the exhaust and destroy the other battery; this time there's two minions making it harder.
  • 40-30 HP: With the Hag 1 incapacitated, Gruntilda will now constantly throw spells at you while releasing minions. These aren't really a threat and can actually be helpful because they do leave behind honeycombs after being defeated. Other than that, shoot her with eggs until the phase is over.
  • 30-1 HP: Gruntilda will now release a toxic gas that slowly but steadily depletes your air meter. As before she keeps releasing a steady stream of minions, too. The air meter is not too strict, especially if you've got the upgrade, but you should still try to get this over with as fast as possible.
  • 1 HP: Now Gruntilda will try to launch the ultimate spell at you. To finally defeat her for once and for all, you need to shoot an egg at her as she's holding the spell above her head, so it falls down into the Hag 1 and destroys everything.

Congratulations! Enjoy the final scenes of the game. Unlike the last game, there's no bonus scene for 100% completion, but getting 100% in this game is still quite a feat.