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Banjo and Kazooie[edit]

The dynamic duo is still stuck together in this adventure.


The witch is back with even more games to play.

Mumbo Jumbo[edit]

Mumbo is the master of magic, but this time around he won't be casting his spells on B or K. If you give him a glowbo, you will be able to control Mumbo in whatever zone his skull is located. He can take damage, and he is only able to help by using the Mumbo-only pads.

Humba Wumba[edit]

Mumbo Jumbo's magical rival, Wumba will help you reach certain areas by transforming you into something different. Like Mumbo, she also requires a glowbo for her services.

Bottles the Mole[edit]

Back from the previous game. He dies because of the spell Grunty had cast on him.

Zone-specific characters[edit]

Glitter Gulch Mine[edit]

Bullion Bill

Witchy World[edit]

Mrs. Bogey
Big Al
Salty Joe

Jolly Roger's Lagoon[edit]

Jolly Roger

The flamboyant barkeep of the lagoon has lost his business partner, but he'll sell you a room at his inn for 2 doubloons. Paying it will enable you to speak with the Mole for the aquatic aiming ability.

Captain Blubber
Captain Blackeye
the Piglets
Chris P. Bacon


  • Terry
  • Dippy