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To use a cheat once you unlock it, go to the Code Chamber in Mayahem Temple. Stand on the podium in the center of the room and you will automatically zoom into first person. Spell out the code you acquired, and then exit the mode (press Down c) and walk over to the right and interact with the code wall to toggle the cheat.

Although some of the cheats in this game can be unlocked, each requirement can be bypassed at any time by spelling out "CHEATO" and then the cheat code. To do this for some of the cheats, you must spell them out backwards (they are noted below). Also note that the final two codes listed below do not appear on the cheat wall after being entered and therefore cannot be toggled on or off like the rest.

# Cheat code (spell this after acquisition) Acquired by What to spell to bypass acquisition requirement Effect
1 FEATHERS 1st five Cheato Pages returned. CHEATOSREHTAEF Doubled feather capacities.
2 EGGS 2nd set of five Cheato Pages returned. CHEATOSGGE Doubled egg capacities.
3 FALLPROOF 3rd set of five Cheato Pages returned. CHEATOFOORPLLAF No longer take fall damage.
4 HONEYBACK 4th set of five Cheato Pages returned. CHEATOKCABYENOH Periodically restore one honeycomb.
5 JUKEBOX 5th and final set of five Cheato Pages returned (25 total). CHEATOXOBEKUJ Allows access to Jolly Rodger's jukebox where you can access the game's soundtrack.
6 GETJIGGY Acquired from Gruntilda's Fortune Telling booth in Witchyworld (random response). CHEATOYGGIJTEG Deciphers the signposts in the Jiggywiggy Temple.
7 SUPERBANJO N/A CHEATOSUPERBANJO Increases Banjo and Kazooie's movement speed for most actions.
8 SUPERBADDY N/A CHEATOSUPERBADDY Increases enemy movement speed.
9 HONEYKING N/A CHEATOHONEYKING Unlimited health and air bubbles.
12 HOMING Blue and Pink secret eggs hatched. CHEATOGNIMOH Eggs now have a slight homing effect.
N/A JIGGYCASTLIST N/A CHEATOJIGGYCASTLIST Unlocks the "Character Parade" video in the Cinema menu. Note that this code will not work if either PLAYITAGAINSON has already been entered, as that cheat encompasses this one, or if you have completed the game.
N/A PLAYITAGAINSON N/A CHEATOPLAYITAGAINSON Unlocks all videos in the Cinema menu.