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Locations: Isle of Hags, Spiral Mountain

Uggers are short green gremlin-like enemies that replace the Gruntlings from the previous game. They are named after their habit of screaming out "Uggh!" upon seeing Banjo and Kazooie and run towards them. They then attack by slamming down on their fist, hurting the protagonists if they are close to them. They are, however, the weakest enemies of the game, and can be defeated by any type of attack. They are commonly found in the Isle of Hags Overworld and Spiral Mountain.


Locations: Isle of Hags, Spiral Mountain

These Terrydactyl-like enemies are the flying minions of Gruntilda and her wicked sisters. Like the Uggers, they can be found in the Isle of Hags Overworld and Spiral Mountain. These is also a similar enemy known as Soarasaurus, which can be found in Terrydactyland.


Locations: Jinjo Village, Isle o' Hags, Mayahem Temple, Witchyworld, Jolly Roger's Lagoon, Terrydactyland, Grunty Industries, Hailfire Peaks, Cloud Cuckooland

An immobile flower based enemy with teeth that can be found in most of the game's levels. They mostly near ledges that require the Grip Grab ability. They will pop out of their holes if someone's close, and then they snap up/down the player.


Minjos are critters that anatomically resemble Jinjos, but are actually enemies! They call for help and wave their arms, but will growl and chase after Banjo and/or Kazooie once they are close. They give off yellow sparks as an indication that they have changed their behaviour to a more hostile one.

Cursed Beehive[edit]

Crused Beehives are large wooden beehives that are appear similar to and like the normal Beehive enemy. However, upon closer inspection, the cursed versions exhibit red eyes. They will chase Banjoo and Kazooie if they are noticed by them (starting off very slowly and then accelerating to a speed that rivals that of Banjo's). They also are more durable than the normal Beehives.


Locations: Mayahem Temple

Moggies are tiger-like warrior in native armour and are armed with clubs. They reside in the Mayahem Temple. They have a tendency to sneak up on the player, but this can be avoided by constantly moving or facing against a wall. They are also known to shriek if they spot you.

Sput Sput[edit]

Locations: Mayahem Temple

Sput Sputs are large immobile head statues with a green gem on their forehead. They constantly fire darts from their mouths at Banjoo and Kazooie if they go too close to it.


Locations: Mayahem Temple
Weaknesses: Blue Eggs

Globbles are large flying insect-like enemies that have infested Bovina's maize field in the Mayahem Temple level. Bovina gives the players a quest to get rid of them (four in number), giving them a jiggy as a reward. They can be defeated by using Egg-aim mode and then shooting them with Blue eggs. There are only four Globbles, and upon their first defeat, they will no longer appear in the game.


Locations: Isle o' Hags (Quagmire), Mayahem Temple, Terrydactyland, Grunty Industries
Weaknesses: Invicible

Large green monsters whose heads resemble a venus flytrap. They would attack by swallowing and munching on the player. If the Dragunda plant attacks Banjo on his last honeycomb, the creature then swallows the bear while making an evil laugh


Beehives are large wooden beehives that are harmless and would yield two honeycombs if they are defeated. They are related to the more dangerous Cursed Beehive. (see above)

Billy Bob[edit]

Locations: Glitter Gulch mine

These enemies are recognizable with their cowboy getup and reside in Glitter Gulch mine. They initially appear hiding under their cowboy hats until they spring up with their characteristic "Yee-haw". They are relatively weak, requiring only 1 hit to be defeated, and can also be outrun. In addition they can also be defeated when they are hiding by hitting them with eggs.

If they are left alone or not defeated they would then hide back underground.

Bang Box[edit]

Locations: Glitter Gulch mine
Weaknesses: Eggs, Wonderwing

Like the Billy Bob, these enemies can be found in Glitter Gulch mine. Similar to the Boom Box from the previous game, the Bang Box resembles a crate of explosives. The bang Box opens itself up and starts throwing sticks of dynamite if Banjoo or Kazooie gets close. If Banjo and Kazooie hit the Bang Box head on, it will detonate and the pair will lose two honeycombs (life). They are also immobile and can be avoided, although a safer way to defeat them would be to detonate it from a distance by throwing an egg.


Locations: Glitter Gulch mine

Diggits are enemies found in Glitter Gulch mine that disguise themselves as ordinary shovels (in a mound of coal). The shovel in Bullion Bill's shed is just an ordinary shovel. if the playable pair gets close to one, they will spring to life and attempt to spear them with its pointy end. Despite being quick and being hard to notice from the ambient sounds in the mine, they are relatively weak: requiring a single hit to break it to pieces.

Jippo Jim[edit]

Locations: Witchyworld

Jippo Jims are the main enemies in Witchyworld and seem to be members of the psychotic staff there. Although they are consistently the same attacks and weaknesses, they come in a variety of costumes depending on the theme of the area in Witchyzone. (e.g. Cowboy in the Wild West zone, alien costume from the space themed zone, and Frankenstein's monster in the Horror Zone).


Locations: Witchyworld
Weaknesses: Bill Drill, Grenade Eggs, Van

Witchyworld enemies that appear as evil slot machines. They can attack from a distance by launching large coins along with a jackpot sound. They bounce towards their enemies if they are in closer range. They are invulnerable to most attacks, except for grenade eggs, ramming them as a van or using the Bill drill. When the first fruity is defeated, it will issue a ticket. Afterwards, when a fruity is defeated, they will yield either "Skill Stop Honeycombs" or "Random Stop Honeycombs".


Locations: Witchyworld, Hailfire Peaks (Fire Side)
Weaknesses: None (in Witchyworld), Eggs/ Aerial attack (Hailfire Peaks)

Hotheads are imp-like creatures made of fire that can be found in Witchyworld and the Fire side of Hailfire Peaks. They are invincible in witchy world, but can be defeated witha single egg or aerial attack.


Livewires function more as obstacles than actual enemies. They can be used to climb or to be grip grabbed across. However, if proper time is not used, Banjo would be shocked and knocked off.


Shrapnels are explosive enemies resembling sea mines that are located in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. They come in three varieties.

  • Red Shrapnel
  • Green Shrapnel
  • Blue Shrapnel


Locations: Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Weaknesses: Eye (targeted with an Egg)

A sea anemone-like enemy that has an item (either an egg or a music note) in its tentacles. This enemy is exclusive to Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Even though it is invincible, it can still be stunned so that it will give up the item it is holding. The weak point is the single "eye" on its body that can be targeted with an egg. Alternatively, the Sonar Ping or Talon Torpedo of Submarine Banjo would also work.


Locations: Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Weaknesses: Invincible, but can be frozen with Ice Egg or Sonar Ping

Inkies are sea-based enemies that resemble giant octopuses. They can be found in four narrow underwater tunnels, where they will try to block the passageway while trying to whack the player with their tentacle. Although they cannot be defeated they can be temporarily frozen by throwing an Ice Egg at their faces or using the Sonar Ping attack by Submarine Banjo. You could also just simply avoid them by speeding through the path with either a warp pad or Kazooie's talon torpedoes.


Locations: Jolly Roger's Lagoon

Seemees are transparent fish that is passive towards Banjo and Kazooie and the fish do not even wish to chase them. Likewise, Banjo and Kazooie are unable to attack these fish. Inside each fish is a random item that can be obtained by entering the fishes mouth with Kazooie's talon torpedo. There are a total of 5 seemees in the one level they appear in.


Locations: Jolly Roger's Lagoon,

Frazzles are electric eels that can be found in watery areas like in Jolly Roger's Lagoon. They do not attack you as long as you keep a distance from them. They can be defeated by throwing an egg at them.


Locations: Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Weaknesses: Talon Torpedoes, Grenade Eggs, Sonar Ping.

Swellbelly are large blowfish-like creatures that defends itself by puffing itself up, which pierces anythign that gets too close to its spiky body. They can be defeat with either Talon Torpedoes, or Grenade eggs if you have learnt how to Egg Aim underwater.


Locations: Jolly Roger's Lagoon

Enemies in Pirate clothes. They attack by running up to the duo and attack with their clubs.


Locations: Jolly Roger's Lagoon

Enemies camouflaged as Seaweed.


Locations: Terrydactyland

Stegasaurus like enemies that attacks by barging at the heroic duo.


Locations: Terrydactyland

A flying dinosaur-like enemy exclusive to Terrydactyland. Attacks by swooping on the player.


Locations: Terrydactyland
Weaknesses: Rat-a-tat Rap

Snotty-looking enemies that appear in Boss fight of Terrydactyland.


  • Washup / Nutta / Boltoid
  • Guvnor
  • Klang
  • Toxi-Klang
  • Toxi-Gag
  • Spy-I-Cam and Tintop
  • Bazza! Superlife Battery
  • Hothand
  • Gobgoyle
  • Biggyfoot
  • S'Hard
  • Zubba
  • Eyeballus Jiggium Plant
  • Flatso
  • Banjo-Kazooie Game Pak