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Moving around[edit]





Honeycombs are the most important item in the game, as they keep your characters alive. If you happen to take damage, acquiring a honeycomb will replenish one or more health, depending on the type you find.

Type Amount of health replenished
Regular 1
Lottery It ranges from 1 to full health.


As you progress through the game you'll unlock special abilities that require certain fuel. Kazooie can shoot different types of eggs that need to be restocked, and when you learn to fly you'll start collecting different colored feathers.


Throughout the game you'll need to retrieve certain items to unlock new zones and abilities.

Item Use
Jiggy Enables you to do the jiggy challenges and unlock zones.
Notes Unlocks abilities from the Mole.
Glowbos Enables you to use Mumbo Jumbo or Wumba's services.