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Glitter Gulch Mine is accessed using the entrance in the Plateau in the Isle o' Hags. You need four Jiggies to be able to unlock this world.


Warp pads[edit]

  1. Right in front of the level entrance.
  2. Next to Mumbo's Hut.
  3. Inside Wumba's Wigwam.
  4. At the train station.
  5. Near the Crushing Shed.


  1. On the steps to the Prospector's Hut.
  2. See #1
  3. See #1
  4. See #1
  5. See #1
  6. On the steps to Mumbo's Hut.
  7. See #6
  8. See #6
  9. Inside the Fuel Depot.
  10. See #9
  11. See #9
  12. See #9
  13. On top of a hill near the Crushing Shed.
  14. See #13
  15. See #13
  16. See #13
  17. Treble clef: Inside the Water Storage Area (enter via Mine Entry 1, near the Crushing Shed), at the bottom of the big pool of water.



To find the train station, simply follow the river downstream and it should soon turn up on the right side. If you go inside, you'll find out that the train has unfortunately derailed. So get out, grab Mumbo and bring him here. He can use his Levitate powers to put the train back on tracks, allowing you to get inside.

Return as Banjo and Kazooie and get inside the train. Unfortunately, Chuffy won't just let you use the train. Get inside the boiler to start the boss fight...

Boss: Old King Coal - Grubby Boiler Monarch[edit]

As soon as the fight begins a 150 second timer will start in which you'll have to defeat the boss. First of all, get onto any of the platforms and shoot Old King Coal with your normal eggs. After a few hits, he will lose his arm. He will also heat up the boiler which makes the lava lethal and turns up the air meter. Quickly shoot him again to cool off everything. This cycle will repeat every time you hit him, with Old King Coal losing more and more body parts, until only his legs are left. If you beat him in time, you'll get a Jiggy and also gain the ability to use the train to traverse the various worlds!

This boss fight is super easy if you already have the Grenade Eggs, because these take off lots of damage. With these, it's possible to win the fight in just a few seconds.


Soon after Wumba's Wigwam, on the other side of where you learned the Bill Drill, you'll find the hut of the titular person, Bill. He's sad because he's lost his wife, Dilberta. She is stuck in the Mayahem Temple inside the prison, located in the Prison Compound. To open the prison, you'll need to enter a code. This code is determined by random for every game, but a nearby Stony will tell you the code provided you're a Stony yourself. After entering the code the door will open. Inside, you'll notice a rock is blocking the way back; drill through it and then go through the passageway. Talk to Bill and Dilberta will return in the middle of the conversation. You will get a Jiggy for your effort.

Ordnance Storage[edit]

If you go left from the entrance you'll get to the Fuel Depot. But before, a path branches off to the right. Drill through the rock and get inside to get to the Ordnance Storage, another first-person area. Inside, go to the closed door and you'll be told that you need to defuse a bunch of TNT sticks - if you shoot even one egg at a TNT stick, the whole area will detonate.

Once you defuse the first one, a 200 second timer will start, so you should first memorize the locations of all the TNT sticks and get a feeling of the area before you breeze through. If you defused all the TNT sticks in time, a Jiggy will appear at the Ordnance Storage entrance as a reward.

Crushing Shed[edit]

Follow the river all the way upstream and you'll come across the Crushing Shed. Get inside and make your way through the sledges (don't worry if you get hit, it doesn't hurt too much), then hit the button at the back. This will make the conveyor belt start to move.

Next, you're going to have to bring Mumbo here so he can use his Levitate power to move the boulder in front of the Crushing Shed inside. Once done, the boulder will be shred to pieces - including the Jiggy it contained! But don't worry, collect all the individual pieces and you'll have a whole Jiggy.

Gloomy Caverns[edit]

From the train station, follow the sidepath down that reads "Mine Entry 3". Inside, you'll enter the Gloomy Caverns. Follow the path to the left (that glows red) to land in a dark area. The generators provide lighting for a limited time if you feed them Fire Eggs. This way, you should be able to traverse the whole path to the top, where a Jiggy awaits.

There is a second entry next to Mumbo's Skull, labeled "Mine Entry 2". Drill through the rock to get inside. Walk past the cells and drill through the rock there. The house you encounter is the Power Hut. In the basement, there's a Jiggy at the end of a long, pitch dark path. There are two ways to solve this puzzle:

  1. You can wait until the next world where you learn Split Up. Have Banjo and Kazooie use Split Up on the pads right outside the Power Hut. Have Banjo go inside, climb up the ladder and step on the switch to turn the lighting on in the basement. Now, turn to Kazooie and have her go through the basement to get the Jiggy.
  2. If you are particularly brave and/or have a good screen, you can try to go through the darkness. Remember that Fire Eggs still provide a bit of light if you use them.

Canary Mary[edit]

Canary Mary is trapped inside a toxic cave near Wumba's Wigwam. The only way to get inside is to use the detonator to ignite the TNT barrel near the entrance, which blasts open the rocks. Get inside and blast the cage to free Canary Mary.

You'll find her near the Fuel Depot. Jump on the mine cart to start a race across the level. You'll need to press A button as fast as you can to win the race. This isn't too hard fortunately, and you'll get a Jiggy if you manage to beat her. You can race her again if you wish to get a Cheato page.

Waterfall Caverns[edit]

Right next to the entrance, inside a Rare box, you'll find Running Shoes. Get them and run over to Wumba's Wigwam where you will find a switch. This switch opens a gate down the river. If you keep running, you'll be able to walk on top of the river, so follow it downstream and if you're quick enough you'll make it through the gate before it closes. You'll arrive in the Waterfall Caverns. Jump down the waterfall and climb up the ledge to get a Jiggy.

Flooded Caves[edit]

There are two ways to get to the Flooded Caves. One is via a narrow passageway near the Crushing Shed that needs the detonator to blast open a structure blocking entry. The other way is by running down the river to the Waterfall Caverns and jumping down to an entrance with a small platform in front (this is rather difficult though).

The Flooded Caves are an underwater maze that holds a Jiggy on the other side provided you manage to find the correct path through the tubes. It is simple though - from the regular entrance swim forward, right, left and you'll be right there.

Springy Step Shoes[edit]

Once you get the Springy Step Shoes from Terrydactyland, return to this level and get to the Crushing Shed. Nearby, there's a waterfall with a Jiggy in an alcove that's unreachable. However, one of the boxes nearby hides Springy Step Shoes, and with these, you can run over to the waterfall and jump up to acquire the Jiggy.


  1. In one of the tunnels along the rail track that runs through the level.
  2. Stuck inside a cell in the Gloomy Caverns (Mine Entry 2 near Mumbo's Skull); use the detonator to access.
  3. On the blue hill next to the train station, stuck under a rock (drill through to access).
  4. Hidden behind a rock in the toxic cave near the Crushing Shed (next to the waterfall).
  5. Inside the Water Caverns, inside the labeled tank. This can only be reached from Jolly Roger's Lagoon - swim to Atlantis, get to the sunken ship, and break the rock blocking the path with the Talon Torpedo. Use Ice Eggs to freeze the propellers on the way and you'll arrive right inside the tank.

Empty honeycombs[edit]

  1. Stuck under a rock next to the Prospector's Hut.
  2. At the train station, inside a Rare box.
  3. Stuck under a rock in the toxic cave near the Crushing Shed (next to the waterfall).


  1. On one of the ore hills next to Wumba's Wigwam.
  2. From Mumbo's Skull, go down the path that branches off to the side (labeled Mine Entry 2). The Glowbo will wander around near the entrance (or the rock blocking the entrance, if you haven't removed it yet).

Cheato pages[edit]

  1. Atop the Glitter Gulch Mine sign right at the entrance. You can use the rope you enter the level from and jump over if you so desire.
  2. Gained by winning the second Canary Mary race.
  3. Inside the Water Caverns (enter via Mine Entry 1, near the Crushing Shed), inside the unlabeled water tank. Jump up the side and climb the ladder to get inside.


Bill Drill[edit]

  • Notes needed: 85

From the entrance, get to the river and follow it downstream. When you see a structure to your right (should be very soon), climb it up, and at the top you'll find Jamjars. The drill extends the ground pound Banjo and Kazooie could already do previously by allowing them to drill through certain rocks.

Beak Bayonet[edit]

  • Notes needed: 95

This is found at the entrance to the Ordinance Storage. It gives Banjo and Kazooie a melee attack in first-person mode using B button, which is useful when you don't have eggs or can't use them for whatever reason.


Mumbo's skull can be easily found if you just follow the river downstream. In this level, Mumbo can use his levitate powers to levitate things. This is used for two things: levitating the train back on the tracks, and levitating the boulder near the Crushing Shed inside. More details on these are given in their Jiggy sections.


Wumba's Wigwam is located on an ore hill right in front of the entrance. Give Wumba a Glowbo and you will be able to transform into a Detonator. It isn't too useful by itself, you can run around and, well, detonate, which subtracts energy. The only use for the detonator is to ignite certain TNT barrels to open new paths. These are:

  1. Right outside Wumba's Hut, gains access to a toxic cave where Canary Mary is trapped.
  2. Inside the Fuel Depot to the left of the level entrance, opens a path to Witchyworld.
  3. Inside the Gloomy Caverns (enter through Mine Entry 2), allows you to grab a Jinjo.
  4. Near the Crushing Shed, go through the narrow passageway. This opens the path to the Flooded Caverns.