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The Isle o' Hags is kind of the overworld of Banjo-Tooie; it connects all the worlds together. It is, in a way, also a world itself, as notes and jiggies can be found here. The Isle o' Hags is separated into various zones. In every zone, there is a portal that links the various zones together, walk up to it to activate the portal.

Jinjo Village[edit]

This is where you appear when you enter the Isle o' Hags for the first time; it is also where you return whenever you save the game. The Jinjo's houses are all empty, and you will need to find the Jinjos scattered across the world to reunite the families and gain Jiggies. This is also where King Jinjaling is located.

When you first appear here, directly make your way to the large castle in the center. King Jingaling will give you one Jiggy and open the way to the rest of the world through Bottles' house. As soon as you leave the castle, King Jingaling is killed.

Later on, once you have Grip Grab, you can go through a more direct path to the Wooded Hollow.

Bottles' house[edit]

Bottles' house is where the family of Bottles' reside. In one of the rooms, if you talk to Goggles, he will offer to give the Amaze-O-Gaze Glasses to you, which allow you to zoom in and out in first-person view using C-Left and C-Right. Note that later on Bottles' house will be closed so if you don't get this now it will be lost forever in the future.

Wooded Hollow[edit]

Wooded Hollow is where the entrance to Mayahem Temple is located, but it's also where Jiggywiggy's Temple stands. In there, provided you have enough Jiggies, you can unlock new worlds by solving puzzles. These start off rather easy but become increasingly difficult as you progress through the game. Every world has an altar in front which tells you how many Jiggies you need. If you have enough Jiggies, you can directly warp to Jiggywiggy's Temple from here.

By following one of the paths downwards, you'll find a large egg structure. This is where Heggy resides, and where you can bring eggs to hatch them and gain some bonuses. There are two in Spiral Mountain, and there is a third right there are the top which Heggy can't hatch and which you'll need to hatch yourself. The Blue Egg grants you the HOMING cheat. The Pink Egg gives you the Breegull Bash move, performed by pressing B twice. It looks very amusing but otherwise isn't too useful.

A ledge that can only be crossed using Grip Grab leads to the Plateau.


The Plateau contains the entrance to the Glitter Gulch Mine. As well, it is where Honey B's Hive can be found. Provided you have enough Empty Honeycombs, you can use them to upgrade your life meter here.

Hitting a switch with a Fire Egg grants access to the Pine Grove. Near the cliff at the right side, there are Split Up pads, which you can use to step on the Banjo and Kazooie switches nearby to unlock the passageway to the Cliff Top.

Pine Grove[edit]

The Pine Grove is where the entrance to Witchyworld is. It is also where you can find Wumba's wigwam. The path through the underwater tunnel is blocked by a rock that can only be broken with the Talon Torpedo. It leads to the Wasteland, but if you try to go through the first time, you'll get to meet Klungo again...

Boss: Klungo - Revenge-Seeking Minion[edit]

Klungo, now severely beaten up, will ask you for a rematch on the way to the Wasteland. He will use one of the potions he didn't use the first time, but otherwise, he really acts the same as in the first fight. Again, once you score a hit, run around Klungo to avoid his potions, then attack him once he gets back to his previous tactic. Once you beat him, he will run off again.

Cliff Top[edit]

The Cliff Top houses the entrance to Jolly Roger's Lagoon, as well as Hailfire Peaks. The entrance to the latter is situated on a normally unreachable island; however, there are stairs next to the Jolly Roger's Lagoon entrance that lead down to a switch, which makes a bridge form allowing you to get across.

This area also contains a train station; to unlock it, use Grip Grab to follow a ledge near where you receive the Ice Eggs that leads far out to a platform where the switch resides. Mumbo's Skull can be found in this area as well.


The wasteland is a bare area that houses the entrance to Terrydactyland. A crack in the wall nearby will lead to a platform that, once unlocked, has a bubble elevator leading up to Cloud Cuckooland. The path ahead is far up and unreachable without the Springy Step Shoes; it leads to the Quagmire.


The quagmire is a swampy area. It contains the entrance to Grunty Industries. Once you get the Claw Clamber Boots, you can grab them from the end of the silver pipe and follow it up to the wall to reach a platform with the entrance to Cauldron Keep, the final level in the game. Up there, a switch will enable a Shock Spring Pad that allows for a quicker way to this platform.



  1. On top of the "Glitter Gulch Mine" sign in the Plateau.
  2. See #1
  3. In the Plateau, in front of Honey B's Hive.
  4. See #3
  5. In the Pine Grove, inside one of the amusement park vehicles on the surface.
  6. See #5
  7. In the Pine Grove, inside one of the amusement park vehicles submerged underwater.
  8. See #7
  9. On the Cliff Top, at the pillars around the Hailfire Peaks entrance.
  10. See #9
  11. See #9
  12. See #9
  13. In the Wasteland, on the steps leading to a Jinjo (near where you receive the Clockwork Kazooie Eggs).
  14. See #13
  15. In the Wasteland, to the side of the path to the Cloud Cuckooland entrance, just past the large crack in the wall you go through.
  16. See #15
  17. Treble clef: On the roof of the red Jinjo family' house (need Grip Grab).


  1. Received by King Jingaling after talking to him.
  2. Reunite the black Jinjo family.
  3. Reunite the red Jinjo family.
  4. Reunite the orange Jinjo family.
  5. Reunite the green Jinjo family.
  6. Reunite the blue Jinjo family.
  7. Reunite the purple Jinjo family.
  8. Reunite the brown Jinjo family.
  9. Reunite the yellow Jinjo family.
  10. Reunite the white Jinjo family.


  1. In the Wooded Hollow, at the end of the tunnel.
  2. In the Plateau, stuck under a rock (need Drill).
  3. In the Wasteland, on a platform near where you receive the Clockwork Kazooie Eggs. Climb the steps and you'll find the Jinjo as well as a Minjo.
  4. On the Cliff Top, inside an alcove near the Jolly Roger's Lagoon entrance. Grab the Claw Clamber Boots from behind the Hailfire Peaks entrance and walk up the footprints to reach it.

Empty Honeycombs[edit]

  1. Behind Honey B's Hive.


  1. On top of the Hailfire Peaks entrance; climb the vine at the back to access.

Ice Key[edit]

  1. In the sandy area in the Jinjo Village, use Grip Grab to follow the ledge to an ice cave. Inside, destroy the cartridge to retrieve the Ice Key.


Fire Eggs[edit]

  • Notes needed: 45

This move can be learned in the Plateau beside the entrance to the Glitter Gulch Mine. Fire Eggs are a new type of egg. These fiery eggs burn enemies that are hit and can also be used for certain puzzles you'll encounter. Once you have more than one type of egg, use R to cycle between them.

Grenade Eggs[edit]

  • Notes needed: 110

This move can be learned in the Pine Grove beside the entrance to Witchyworld. Grenade Eggs are very explosive and will take out enemies with ease, though Banjo can be hurt by the blast too if you're not careful. With Grenade Eggs, if you see cracks in the walls, chances are you can blast them open to reveal hidden passageways.

Ice Eggs[edit]

  • Notes needed: 200

This move can be learned on the Cliff Top, opposite to the train station right at the cliff. Ice Eggs freeze up enemies that are hit and can also be used to stop certain obstacles you'll encounter on the way.

Clockwork Kazooie Eggs[edit]

  • Notes needed: 315

This move can be learned in the Wasteland, near the pathway to the Pine Grove. Clockwork Kazooie Eggs act quite differently from the other eggs; once you shoot them anywhere (that isn't too far away), they will turn into a clockwork bird which you can temporarily control and detonate anywhere within 20 seconds. This clockwork bird has quite a few uses; it can get into narrow passages that Banjo and Kazooie can not enter; or used to reach normally unreachable paths.


Mumbo's Skull is located on the Cliff Top. His job here is to heal passengers that you bring by train; this is mainly used to heal the dinosaurs to acquire a Jiggy in Terrydactyland.


Wumba's Wigwam can be found in the Pine Grove. However, this Wumba will not accept a regular Glowbo; you'll need to bring her a Mega Glowbo.

To find this one, first get the Ice Key from Jinjo Village. Afterwards, enter the Glitter Gulch Mine and get to the Waterfall Caverns. At the very bottom, you'll find a rock that can only be broken with the Talon Torpedo. Do so and follow the path to arrive in Hailfire Peaks. Surface to reach a huge safe. Provided you have the Ice Key, it opens to reveal the Mega Glowbo.

Bring it to Wumba and jump inside and you won't notice any difference at first. But try using Kazooie and you'll notice she has turned into a dragon. Dragon Kazooie can spew fire by holding B button while standing; she'll also have infinite Fire Eggs.