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Mayahem Temple is the first world in Banjo-Tooie, accessed through the entrance in the Wooden Hollow. You need one Jiggy to be able to unlock this world. At that point, since you have visited King Jingaling and received a Jiggy, you should have the required amount.

The main area consists of a path leading up to Targitzan's Temple. This area is also where Mumbo's skull can be found. Two other areas are locked off and can only be opened with Mumbo's help; the Jade Snake Grove and the Prison Compound. In the Jade Snake Grove, there is the Code Chamber, where one can enter cheats found throughout the game.


Warp pads[edit]

  1. Right in front of the level entrance.
  2. Near Mumbo's skull.
  3. In the Jade Snake Grove, near Wumba's wigwam.
  4. In the Prison Compound.
  5. Inside the kickball stadium.


  1. Follow the way up to Targitzan's Temple. You should collect 75 Notes on the way.
  2. See #1
  3. See #1
  4. See #1
  5. See #1
  6. See #1
  7. See #1
  8. See #1
  9. See #1
  10. See #1
  11. See #1
  12. See #1
  13. See #1
  14. See #1
  15. See #1
  16. In front of Mumbo's skull.
  17. Treble clef: Behind Targitzan's Temple.


Targitzan's Temple[edit]

The large temple you should surely have noticed in the middle is Targitzan's Temple. If you follow the path and climb up the stairs, you should easily be able to find the entrance. First of all, if you walk around the entrance, you should easily be able to get to the very top of the temple. (Alternatively, just fly there.) Once there, you will find a Jiggy just standing there for you to collect.

Afterwards, go inside. Targitzan will only let you in if you know the Breegull Blaster technique. This is a first-person area, and the first you'll encounter in the game. In here, Kazooie serves as your "gun" and you can walk around like you would in any first-person shooter. As of now, your eggs are your only weapon, so you shouldn't enter if you don't have any. You shouldn't worry inside though as refills are almost everywhere.

Targitzan wants you to collect the sacred statues scattered all across the level. You need to know that some of the walls contain doors that can be opened with A button. Knowing that, you should not have a problem finding the statues. In one of the areas, you'll find golden eggs which give you infinite ammo for a limited time, use it wisely (preferably right before the boss battle). After collecting ten statues, you'll gain access to the Slightly Sacred Chamber, located at the very bottom of the maze. Go inside to collect one Jiggy. Once you have 20 statues, Targitzan opens the floor to the Really Sacred Chamber.

Note: if you have found all 20 sacred statues, it does not matter which room you enter first (the left door or the right door). For example, if you entered the one on the right, you will have no boss in that room. Which ever room you entered second is the one with the boss.

Boss: Targitzan - Despotic Dizzy Totem God[edit]

Targitzan will not let you get the Jiggy this easily. He will challenge you to a boss battle that takes the form of a target practice. You will need to destroy all the targets painted on Targitzan to progress. Once you've done that, Targitzan will summon one minion that runs after you. Once you take out the minion, the next level will start.

This time, Targitzan will shoot dart arrows at you every once in a while; you need to avoid them either by strafing or by hiding behind one of the stone walls. He will then summon two minions. This continues with increasingly more arrows being shot at you, and Targitzan summoning three, then four minions. After you've passed all that, Targitzan will self-destruct; hide behind one of the stone walls to avoid the blast. Once you've endured everything, you're free to take the Jiggy as a reward.

Note that if you collect the golden eggs right before entering the boss battle, it will render the battle pathetically easy as you can just hold Z button and hit all the targets and the minions in a breeze.

Bovina's fields[edit]

Follow the path to Targitzan's Temple, and once there find the bridge. If you follow it you'll come across Bovina, who complains about the flies that destroy the crop. Simply take out the flies any way you like and you will be rewarded with a Jiggy.

Jade Snake Grove sandpit[edit]

Inside the Jade Snake Grove, reached by opening the bottom gate as the Golden Goliath, there is a Jiggy on the other side of a large, large sandpit. Banjo will never be able to cross it, only the Golden Goliath can cross the sandpit and collect the Jiggy.


Inside the Jade Snake Grove, if you climb all the way to the top of the Code Chamber, you should see a Jiggy guarded by a snake. This snake, called Ssslumber, will just swallow the Jiggy if it hears you. To acquire the Jiggy, you need to start off at the bottom right corner and tiptoe very carefully across until you get to it. If you were quiet enough, you should easily be able to acquire the Jiggy.

Kickball championship[edit]

The kickball stadium is where a championship is held. It can be found by following the sidepath where the Golden Goliath is. Only a Stony can enter, so transform before coming in.

If you are not familiar with the controls, you could go down to the training area and play around a bit. Once you're ready, talk to the Stony in front of the gates to enter. There are three rounds, and your job is to score the most points by kicking balls in your goal. In the first round, there are only yellow balls, worth two points each. The second round adds red balls which subtract one point. The third round has black balls which can knock out other players.

Just concentrate on yourself and don't bother with your enemies and you shouldn't have any trouble winning the championship. You'll get a Jiggy for your effort.

Treasure Chamber[edit]

Near Mumbo's skull there is a second building. This is the Treasure Chamber where Bloatazin resides. The building is at first sealed off until you shoot eggs into all the statues at the sides. Once the entrance opens, go in.

Bloatazin will tell you that Targitzan's priceless relic thingy was stolen. He will also open the top entrance to the Treasure Chamber. Ignore that for now, but instead walk up one of the piles of gold (you'll find an Empty Honeycomb there). Jump up to find a ledge and move over to another pile of gold where a Shock Spring Pad is. Use it to jump up to another ledge, move over and climb up to a passageway. Step on the switch you find to open the path ahead and go through.

You'll arrive inside a cave. You'll see Targitzan's priceless relic thingy here, guarded by a caveman. You will need to very carefully tiptoe across the room, being sure to not wake up the caveman. Once over, jump up to retrieve the priceless relic thingy. You don't want to go back the way you came from, follow the passageway instead to arrive near where you entered the area. Go through the cloth to get back to the Treasure Chamber. Return the priceless relic thingy and you will get a Jiggy as a reward.

Prison Chamber sandpit[edit]

Inside the Prison Chamber, there is another sandpit. The Golden Goliath can't get in there, but there's another way across: go to the right of the prison to find a way to climb all the way to the top. Follow the ledge to the left to come across Wading Boots. These allow you to easily cross the sandpit and retrieve the Jiggy. Another pair of Wading Boots allow you to safely return back where you came from.


Note that this Jiggy is absolutely unobtainable unless you learn the Bill Drill move, so you'll only be able to get it after unlocking the next world.

Go to the Prison Chamber, and get to the small pool of water at the back. Swim through the underwater tunnel to arrive at an area full of columns, the tallest one containing a Jiggy. Drill through the big rock, then memorize the location of the largest column and go downstairs to an underground area, the Columns Vault. Roll against the tallest column and the Jiggy will jump over to the second tallest column. At the same time, a 45 second timer will start. You need to hit all the columns to get the Jiggy down to the smallest column and collect it before the timer expires. Fortunately, the timer is not too strict and it should not be too hard to collect the Jiggy in time.


  1. On the bridge connecting Targitzan's Temple with Bovina's fields.
  2. Inside Targitzan's Temple, hidden in a dead end. You can see this from the area where you retrieve your rewards, just hug the wall and find the door that leads inside.
  3. In an alcove in the Jade Snake Grove, where you learn the Grip Grab move.
  4. At the bottom of the river that flows down in the main area.
  5. On top of the kickball stadium entrance (fly to get there).

Empty honeycombs[edit]

  1. Inside an alcove where Bovina is (need Grip Grab).
  2. Right behind the level entrance, inside an alcove accessible only as a Stony.
  3. Inside the Treasure Chamber, on top of one of the piles of gold.


  1. Inside Mumbo's skull.
  2. Next to Wumba's wigwam.

Cheato pages[edit]

  1. In the Jade Snake Grove, get on top of the Code Chamber and move along the ledge to the right. At the end you'll arrive at a Cheato page.
  2. At the top entrance to Bloatazin's Temple.
  3. In the Prison Chamber, get on top of the prison and follow the ledge to the right. Go through the passageway and you'll find a Cheato page at the end.


Egg aim[edit]

  • Notes needed: 25

This move is found right when you follow the path to the temple (a cutscene even alerts you to its presence). It gives you a crosshair in first-person view so you can aim your eggs.

Breegull Blaster[edit]

  • Notes needed: 30

Run around Targitzan's Temple until you see a sidepath branching off. Follow it to find Jamjars where you can learn this move. It allows you to enter first-person areas such as Targitzan's Temple and various other areas you'll encounter in the game.

Grip Grab[edit]

  • Notes needed: 35

This move is right in front of you when entering the Jade Snake Grove. Grip Grab allows Banjo to hang on ledges and move along them. In this mode, the B button will make Kazooie attack to the side.


Mumbo's skull is located on the way to the temple, it's hard to miss. Inside, if you give Mumbo one Glowbo (there's one right inside!) you'll be able to play as him. The main use to this is activating the Mumbo platforms that appear in every level. In Mayahem Temple, the Mumbo platform is located on the way to the temple, where you should see a statue stuck in the ground. Using the platform awakens the Golden Goliath and allows you to control it for a limited time. As the Golden Goliath, you can press A button to jump (not terribly useful) or B button to kick. Use this to open the two large gates leading to the Jade Snake Grove (bottom gate) and the Prison Compound (top gate). You can then use the statue to collect a Jiggy (for this, see the Jiggies section), as well as open the gate to the Code Chamber. You will also want to destroy the large boulder near the entrance to reveal a Flight Pad.


Wumba's wigwam is located in the Jade Snake Grove, at the end of a sidepath. After giving Wumba a Glowbo, you can jump inside the pool to transform into a Stony. The Stony is small enough to fit into small holes that Banjo could not get into. You can also talk to fellows scattered throughout the level to receive hints and such. Finally, being a Stony is required to participate in the kickball championship.