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Witchyworld is accessed from the entrance in the Pine Grove. Eight Jiggies are needed to unlock this world.

Witchyworld is an amusement park made up of Grunty's minions. It consists of various "zones" that make up the area:

  • Area 51 is found near the beginning. It is locked off, but a Grenade Egg will burst open the door allowing you to go inside.
  • The Western Zone is located to the right of the entrance and is set in a western environment. This is where Wumba is located and it's where the Crazy Castle is, home to two games.
  • The Space Zone is located to the left of the entrance. This is where the Dodgem Dome and the Star Spinner can be found.
  • The Horror Zone is right on the opposite side from the entrance. This features the Haunted Cavern leading to the Cave of Horrors and the Inferno (where Mumbo and Witchyworld's train station can be found). The respective switch to unlock the train station is located in the same area; back-flip onto one of the coffins at the wall and Grip Grab across. Be cautious, as you can be knocked down by the Snappers. Once the train is enabled and the dinosaur is free, he will automatically jump in the wagon and ask for a ride to Terradactyl Land (Wasteland zone), so eventually you will want to head over there to complete that side quest.

The middle area consists of the Big Top, a large tent home to this level's boss battle. Surrounding the Big Top are Big Al's Burgers and Salty Joe's Fries, which are closed by default. The switch to open the former is located on top of the ticket booth near the entrance and can be reached using the Shock Spring Pad nearby; the switch for the latter is located right behind the stand itself. Gruntilda's Fortune Telling booth can also be found in this area. She may give you eggs/feathers, a beating, or, very rarely, a cheat code.


Warp pads[edit]

  1. Right in front of the level entrance.
  2. In front of Wumba's tent.
  3. Near Mumbo's hut.
  4. At the back of the Big Top.
  5. In the Space Zone, to the left of the entrance to the Star Spinner.


  1. On top of the poles that make up the electric fence at Area 51. A nearby Shock Spring Pad will allow you to get up there.
  2. See #1
  3. On the path surrounding the Big Top.
  4. See #3
  5. See #3
  6. See #3
  7. See #3
  8. See #3
  9. See #3
  10. See #3
  11. Next to the entrance to the Dodgem Dome.
  12. See #11
  13. Inside the pool of water at the Dive of Death.
  14. See #13
  15. Behind the doors leading to the Crazy Castle.
  16. See #15
  17. Treble clef: In the Space Zone, behind a Money Van door.


Mr. Patch[edit]

Mr. Patch is located inside the Big Top, the large tent in the middle of the level. You won't be let in, however, unless you collect four tickets. These are held by the slot machine monsters that surround the Big Top. They are hard to deal with and most attacks won't harm them, but the Money Van can easily run over them and collect the tickets.

Once you have four tickets, you can enter the Big Top. Note that you will want to have learned Airborne Egg Aiming from Jamjars before you attempt this boss battle, otherwise it will be really, really difficult...

Boss: Mr. Patch - Strange Wobbly Inflatable Thing[edit]

Mr. Patch is essentially a large, inflatable dragon with various patches all across its body that walks around the area. These patches are the key to defeating him - shoot a Grenade Egg at one of the patches and it will burst and release air, shrinking Mr. Patch in the process.

After you score one hit, Flight Pads will appear in the area and you'll want to get airborne to damage him, as punch gloves that rise from the ground make it really inadvisable to stay on the ground for too long. Once in the air, fly around Mr. Patch and try to get some hits on his patches. He will counter by coughing up beach balls that fly towards you, either avoid or destroy them to not get hit. If you run out of feathers or Grenade Eggs, land near one of the Flight Pads to get some refills, then quickly rise up again and continue. As you burst more and more patches, Mr. Patch will shrink more and more. After hitting the last patch, Mr. Patch will deflate completely and you will gain a Jiggy.

Cactus of Strength[edit]

In the Western Zone, you'll find the Cactus of Strength to the right. You will need to hit the switch on the ground with three different attacks to break the bell at the top and gain a Jiggy. First do a Ground Pound, then use the Drill, and for the third, just shoot a Grenade Egg on the switch to nab your reward.

Crazy Castle[edit]

Also in the Western Zone, the Crazy Castle can be found by going through the open doors. As you enter, you'll see that the castle is deflated. To fix these, first go to the back and destroy the grating with a Grenade Egg to gain access to the Pump Room. Afterwards, split up, and go inside. There are two switches that need to be stepped on by Banjo and Kazooie, respectively. Once both are on their switches, the pump will activate and inflate the castle.

Inside the castle, there are two games: the Hoop Hurry game that can be played as Kazooie alone and the Balloon Burst game that can be played as Banjo and Kazooie together.

  • In the Hoop Hurry game, you will need to use the provided Running Shoes to jump through rings and score 30 points within 60 seconds. Red rings are worth one point, green rings two and blue rings three points, with the higher value rings having a smaller diameter making it difficult to jump through the blue rings. A Jiggy will appear on top of the castle if you succeed.
  • In the Balloon Burst game, you're airborne and balloons will soar up all around you which you have to burst using the golden eggs that you automatically get for this game. You need to score 50 points within 60 seconds and, as in the previous game, red balloons are worth one, green ballons two and blue balloons three points. If you succeed, another Jiggy will appear on top of the castle.

Once you're done, use the Shock Spring Pad to get on top of the Crazy Castle, allowing you to get your rewards.

Dive of Death[edit]

Inside the Horror Zone, you'll find a pool of water and a really high platform. This is the Dive of Death. Use the ladder to climb up the platform and you'll see a Jiggy waiting on a platform connected only by an extremely narrow path. You can either try to slowly walk across without falling off or use the Grip Grab. In any case, once on the other side, simply backflip to grab your reward and jump down into the pool of water to safely get back to the ground.


Inside the Inferno, there's a Jiggy on top of the structure in the Inferno. To get this one, you'll need to have learned the Split Up move from Jamjars. Go to the Split Up pad inside the Inferno to split up. Have Banjo run to the nearby switch which creates a Shock Spring Pad at the top of the structure. Switch to Kazooie, grab the Running Shoes in front of the slide and have her run up the slide avoiding the Hotheads sliding down. Once at the top, use the Shock Spring Pad to reach the Jiggy.

Saucer of Peril[edit]

To play the Saucer of Peril game, you'll need to bring the Saucer of Peril, who is stuck in Glitter Gulch Mine. Backtrack there, transform into the Detonator and go to the Fuel Depot (to the left of the level entrance). You will see a shaking box, unable to progress because a bunch of rocks are in the way. Get near the TNT and the Detonator will ignite it and detonate the rocks. The box will progress forward, but then stop due to a blocked door. Go back to Witchyworld, go to the Western Zone and climb the tower. Get on top of the rope and walk across to get to the Space Zone, on top of the entrance to the Star Spinner. (If you wish, you can also enable the cable car found above the Big Top by stepping on the red switch.) Once over, hit the red switch on the wall to allow the box to get over and unfold to reveal the Saucer of Peril.

Provided that Area 51 is powered up, you can jump inside to start the minigame. You will fly all across the level with targets on the way which you can shoot with your golden eggs. As usual, red targets are worth one point, green targets two and blue targets three points. If you manage to score 400 points, you'll receive a Cheato page as a reward, if you get 500 points, you will receive a Jiggy.

Star Spinner[edit]

Inside the Star Spinner, a Jiggy can be found on top of the spinning planet at the very top. To get up there, you'll need to have powered up the place beforehand. Then, jump on the stars to make your way up. Once you reach the ring surrounding the planet, use the Talon Trot to jump on top and grab the Jiggy, and hope you don't slide down and fall to your doom. If you wish, you can shoot a Grenade Egg at the machine at the bottom; this will damage the system and slow down everything, making this slightly easier.


  1. Inside an alcove in the Western Zone. Backflip on top of the right door near the entrance to the Crazy Castle, jump to the ledge and Grip Grab across to access.
  2. In Area 51, behind a Money Van door.
  3. On top of the Dodgem Dome; climb the tube above the entrance to get up.
  4. On top of the Big Top; climb one of the ropes and then walk up the top with the Talon Trot.
  5. In the Cave of Horrors, locked behind a door that can be destroyed with Grenade Eggs.

Empty honeycombs[edit]

  1. Inside Mumbo's skull.
  2. At the entrance to the Pump Room in the Crazy Castle area.
  3. On the Wooden Platform side of the Tightrope spanning the centre of the level.


  1. Inside Wumba's Wigwam.
  2. At the end of a path near Mumbo's skull, guarded by one of Grunty's henchmen.

Cheato pages[edit]

  1. In the Inferno, behind a Money Van door.
  2. Inside the Haunted Cavern. Follow the path up until the very end and Grip Grab across the ledge to find the Cheato page.
  3. Won as a reward in the Saucer of Peril game (score 400 points).


Split Up[edit]

  • Notes needed: 160

Split Up allows Banjo and Kazooie to use Split Up pads to separate and continue the quest on their own. The health will be distributed between the two characters, with Banjo having more health than Kazooie. Banjo and Kazooie will be able to learn moves tailored to their character as their quest progresses, allowing them to perform functions that the two together couldn't do.

The Split Up pad allows you to switch between Banjo and Kazooie by pressing B button. At special locations, mostly on switches which need to be depressed by both characters separately, a sparkly cloud will appear which also gives you an opportunity to switch characters. To reunite, simply run into the other character. Note that neither character can leave a level on their own.

Pack Whack[edit]

  • Notes needed: 170

This move can only be learned by Banjo alone and is found in the Crazy Castle area to the opposite of the Split Up pads. It allows Banjo to whack enemies with his backpack by pressing B button, thus giving him a basic attack with which to defend himself.

Airborne Egg Aiming[edit]

  • Notes needed: 180

This move is found to the right of the entrance to the Dodgem Dome. It gives Banjo and Kazooie a crosshair when flying allowing them to shoot eggs with it. This is pretty much necessary for the Mr. Patch boss fight and helpful in a variety of other situations.


Mumbo can be found inside the Inferno (which needs to be unlocked with the Money Van beforehand) in his characteristical hut. In this level, Mumbo can power up various attractions. This is used to enable the Star Spinner, the Dodgem Dome, and the Area 51 (allowing you to play the Saucer of Peril game).


Wumba is located in the Western Zone on top of a hill. To get up there, backflip on top of the left door near the entrance to the Crazy Castle, then jump to the ledge and Grip Grab across. Now climb the structure to reach the wigwam.

Wumba transforms you into a Money Van after you give her a Glowbo. The Money Van is completely invulnerable. It's needed to pay for certain attractions so you can get inside (namely, the Dodgem Dome and the Inferno), and it also allows you to open the Money Van doors scattered around the level, leading to various goodies.