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The Batcave[edit]

"Batclaw will hook onto containers." "Batclaw can also attack enemies." "The Batclaw can be used in combat to grab thugs."

Primary Objective Locate Dr. Young.

Walk down the path and use the claw on the grate high above. Grapple up and crawl through, climb down and take out the henchman from behind. Walk down and around the corner and take out the five henchmen. Batclaw up into the vent shaft to find the Riddler Trophy.

Walk over to the door to start the Killer Croc cinematic. Blow open the wall near the lone Joker Teeth to collect the Riddler Trophy.

Main Sewer Junction[edit]

Cryptic Investigator
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
20 Gamerscore points
Cryptic Investigator
Solve 10% of Riddler challenges

You'll enter a large room and the camera will pan around before giving you control again. Oracle has uncovered that Joker has been creating an army for himself using Venom and Dr. Young to perform experiments.

Hop around the room until you find your way upwards. You'll come across two Joker Teeth, and then a Riddler Trophy. There's another Riddler Trophy in a column high up above. You'll have to hang on a ledge and climb around the back before climing up to the platform it resides on.

You'll finally come to a passageway with two more Joker Teeth and a door that leads to Surface Access.

Surface Access[edit]

Pick up the recording, then walk down the passage and blow up the wall. Leap across the pit and open the door to Arkham North.

Arkham North[edit]

There are gunmen in the watch towers, at least one is a sniper, and several henchmen on the ground in the center. Head to the Arkham East door and destroy the three Joker Teeth.

Arkham East[edit]

You'll be back at the ambulence, but there will be four henchmen and a high security henchman waiting for you. Enter through the next door and grapple up to the walk way. Take out the gunman. Hop down and float across. Grapple up to the other watch tower and kill the second gunman. Grapple to the top of this watch tower to find a Riddler Trophy.

There are two gunmen on top of the entrance to the building. One or two Joker Teeth are on the ground near the front door. If you enter you'll be greeted by two henchmen safely patrolling behind a forcefield door, and no way in.

Grapple your way to the rooftop, and walk around to find the Riddler Trophy. Climb back down to where the two gunmen were, and use the Batclaw on the grate high above. Climb through the passage and fall down.


Breaking And Entering
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
10 Gamerscore points
Breaking And Entering
Gain access to Arkham Mansion after it is locked down by the Joker

Enter and glide kick down to one of the three henchmen, then take out the other two.

Grapple up, then Batclaw the grate. Climb up and blow open the wall.

Deciphered Messages: Spirit of Arkham number three.

Enter the new room with 10 hostiles, none of them armed. You should be able to get a 10+ combo here.

New Objective: Search Arkham...

Three Joker Teeth await in the corner of the room by a grate.

Patient Interview: Scarecrow.

West Wing Corridor[edit]

After you kill the black henchmen, a small cinematic plays showing that he was wearing a suicide collar, which tells Joker your location.

Arkham Records Room[edit]

Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
10 Gamerscore points
String up one henchman and drop him to surprise a second (any play mode)

Use the gargoyles to move afely around the room and pick off the armed guards. If you use Inverted Takedown one one of them in a group, then use a Batarang from afar, you can drop them on one another to receive an achievement.

Head to the center of the room and rescue the two guards by pressing A button.

One of the guards will tell you that Dr. Young was here recently to find her

New Objective: Investigate Dr. Young's Office.

North Corridor[edit]

You'll see three Joker Teeth. Grapple up into the open passage. In the rafters here there is a Riddler Trophy. Head through the other ventilation shaft to reach Dr. Young's Office.

Dr. Young's Office[edit]

As you enter you'll see three henchmen, the closest of which is armed. Climb around the ventilation shafts until you reach her sealed office. The safe has been open, and Batman uses the computer to watch the recording of Dr. Young accessing her files.

New Objective: Isolate a forensic trail for Dr. Young.

Find the finger prints on the safe door.

New Objective: Track Dr. Young's Fingerprints.

Walk out the door, and follow the prints to a fight with three henchmen and a high security henchman.

Patient Interview Six: Scarecrow.

West Wing Corridor[edit]

Present containing two Joker Teeth.


You'll find some corpses here, and one or two henchmen. Finger prints are on the wall leading to a door by the corpses.

South Corridor[edit]

Three joker teeth.

Before you enter the Library, turn around and look up. There's a Riddler Trophy hidden behind the grate up above.


3 henchmen and two high security henchmen.

Three Joker Teeth.

Forcefield door with two people strapped to a present. The room is going to fill up with gas and kill them.

New Objective: Rescue the Hostages

Run back up to the room with the big glass floor. Grapple up two floors to the top and enter through the grate. Follow the passage through the ventilation shafts until you are above the chandelier. Use the Batarang on the rope to drop the chandelier through the floor. Hop over the edge and float down to the hostages on the opposite side. Press A button to disarm the trap. A cinematic plays out, and the hunt continues for Dr. Young.

Objective complete: Rescue the hostages.

Climb back up to the top where the chandelier was to acquire a Riddler Trophy.

Head to the bottom near the hostages, and use Detective Mode in the back of the room to identify the notes which are hidden in the bookcase at eye level.

Rescue Dr. Young from Zsasz in the Warden's office.[edit]

Head back through the library door on the second level. You'll notice some strange visuals before heading into a new area.

Wayne Manor[edit]

This hallway goes on and on. The rain will continue as narrations of Bruce's past replay. When you reach the end, Batman will collapse and transform into his child self in front of what he believes are his parents. After a bit, the child will rise and you must walk him down the street and back into the hallway of the Mansion. Batman will regain his form, but the hallucinations continue as you pass through the door.

Scarecrow will appear once more, this time turning from side to side while pausing at each end of his search. Jump across the gap and run to the second hiding spot. Use the Batclaw to drop the crate and create an additional hiding spot. Again, drop the crate and move on.

Scarecrow will block your path and call up four skeletons to fight. They are no more difficult than one of Joker's basic thugs. Remember to use the Batclaw to pull enemies closer to you if they are stuck in Scarecrow's gaze.

Continue hopping across the platforms, slowly and safely.

You'll reach a second fight with skeletons, this time with six. Four of them wield swords.

Recurring Nightmare
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
10 Gamerscore points
Recurring Nightmare
Face your biggest fears and keep your sanity

Continue onwards to the gears. Grapple up past them, then hop across. This next second requires good timing to avoid Scarecrow.

Get close to the edge where it is still safe. Run and jump when Scarecrow turns, then leap across when the pendulum is away. Before climbing up the platform, wait for him to turn to your left. Hop up and run towards the camera and duck behind the fencing. Continue onwards and use the Bat Signal.

Main Hall[edit]

Walk forward and use the Batarang on the bell's rope. It will open the door to the East Wing Corridor.

East Wing Corridor[edit]

You'll enter a room with a thug carring a Stun Baton. "Use Batman's evade move to quickly dodge over thugs carrying Stun Batons."

Sneak up on the next hostile in the bathroom.

Warden's Office[edit]

Zsasz Cut Down To Size
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
10 Gamerscore points
Zsasz Cut Down To Size
Save Dr. Young from being killed by Victor Zsasz

Open the door and you'll see Zsasz dragging Dr. Young away. If you go through the doorway, he will kill her. "Aim and throw Batarangs without being seen when you are in Corner Cover."

Cinematic: Joker rigged the warden's safe to explode. It kills Dr. Young, and knocks out Batman. Harley appears and sicks her henchmen on you. Batman wakes up, and you get into a fight with three thugs and one with a Stun Baton.

New Objective: Scan the Warden's office to...

Scan the object on the ground.

Objective complete: Scan the Warden's office to...

New Objective: Locate the Warden using his DNA trail.

Use the gargoyles in the next room to take out the three gunmen.

Mansion Entrance Hall

Exit the Mansion to Arkham East.

Arkham Island[edit]

Arkham East

Follow the DNA trace to the Abandoned Tunnel.

Abandoned Tunnel

Take out the six henchmen. They can pull out firearms, so watch out.

Arkham West

Use detective mode to identify the direction that the sniper is facing. Take him out, then take out the Joker Teeth.

Fight the large group of thugs before the Cell Block door. There are 6-8 of them, some with Stun Batons.

Cells Access[edit]

Patient Interview: Zsasz

There are two or three thugs ahead of you.

Three Joker Teeth.

Use the scan door.

Main Cell Block[edit]

Enter and you'll notice many prisoners, but they are all locked up. Up above and in a room are three more Joker Teeth.

Head to the other side of the room and go through the second scan door.

The Green Mile[edit]

Character Bio Unlocked: Poison Ivy