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Batsu & Terry
Box artwork for Batsu & Terry.
Japanese titleバツ&テリー 魔境の鉄人レース
Release date(s)
TwitchBatsu & Terry Channel

Batsu & Terry (バツ&テリー 魔境の鉄人レース Batsu & Terii Makyou no Tetsujin Rasu?, lit. Batsu & Terry Iron Man Race of Demon Border) is an action game developed by Use for the Famicom, and published in July of 1987. It is based on a Japanese manga about two boys who belong to a highschool baseball team. Batsu is a particular good pitcher while Terry is a left-handed catcher and slugger.

While the games uses these two characters as protagonists, the game has almost nothing to do with baseball. Instead, the player must race through six worlds, each containing four sections and a dragon boss at the end of the last section. There is a time limit that each section must be completed in. The player primarily uses Batsu, who is armed with baseballs that he can throw at enemies or particular blocks which may be broken. The player only switches to Terry who has a much more limited form of attack with a baseball bat when the player runs out of Batsu lives.

A majority of the worlds scroll horizontally, with the finish line being found beyond the end of the main section of each stage. However, a couple of levels scroll vertically instead. The game is repetitive and does not offer the player any incentive to explore or fight anything that does not directly effect your chances of reaching the end of the stage.

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