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Western Frontier[edit]

  • Rifle Grunt
    • Armed With: M17 Fully Automatic Assault Rifle (called H-16 in Battalion Wars 2)
    • Combat Role: Long Range Anti-Infantry (Weaker then other types of infantry, but is usually your most numerous unit. Hold the A button to fire - your weapon will reload itself automatically when your magazine is empty, or if you go a few seconds without firing your weapon and the magazine is not full.)
  • Assault
    • Armed With: Belt Fed M70 Heavy Caliber Machine Gun (called H-70 in Battalion Wars 2)
    • Combat Role: Mid Range Anti-Infantry, Light Anti-Armor/Anti-Aircraft (Stronger and effective against Light Armor but less accurate beyond Medium-Range. Hold the A Button to fire. As you fire, your weapon warms up, allowing for a higher rate of fire. However, your weapon will also jam if fired for too long - fire in short bursts to maintain a good rate of fire.)
  • Mortar
    • Armed With: "Groundhog" 50mm Parabolic Fused Grenade Launcher
    • Combat Role: Long Range Support. Can Engage Infantry and Vehicles From Behind Cover. (Damage and Explosion Radius increased but may explode if charged for too long.)
  • Flame
    • Armed With: H2-2 "Thermidor" High-Pressure Incendiary Projector
    • Combat Role: Short Ranged Anti-Infantry/Open Vehicles. (Highly effective against tightly clustered infantry. Works very well against infantry in cover. Very ineffective against armored vehicles. Hold the A button down to fire, take care not to overheat the weapon. Rapidly tapping the A button works well.)
  • Bazooka
    • Armed With: H1-A1 Low-Recoil Rocket Propelled Projectile Launcher
    • Combat Role: Mid-Range Anti-Armor. (Hold the A button to charge up a shot. The longer you charge the shot, the more velocity, range, and power the shot has. Infantry quite usually dodge, however a fully charged shot at point-blank range can kill or cripple an infantry unit in one hit.)
  • Missile
    • Armed With: IS-III Radar-Guided Silverfish Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher
    • Combat Role: Anti-Aircraft (Hold the A button to charge up your weapon. When fully charged, you can fire 5 shots. Missiles home in on aircraft, but are widely inaccurate against ground targets.)

Tundran Territories[edit]

  • Rifle
    • Armed With: Assault Rifle (AK-47)
  • Assaulter
    • Armed With: Machine Gun (Modified AK Rifle)
  • Flamer
    • Armed With: High-Pressure Flamethrower
  • Bazooka
    • Armed With: Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher
  • Missile
    • Armed With: 3-Cell Man-Portable Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher (Fully charged, it fires 3 Missiles)

Solar Empire[edit]

  • Rifle
    • Armed With: PlasRifle
  • Assault Vet
    • Armed With: Hi-Frequency Beam Emitter (The Shots always travel in a straight line rather than spreading out)
  • Plasma
    • Armed With: "Vengeful Wind" Plasma Projector


  • Rifle
    • Armed With: Machine Gun (MP40 SMG)
  • Minigun
    • Armed With: Minigun (though it looks more like the MG08, the German-Produced Version of the Maxim machine gun)
  • Grenade
    • Armed With: Grenade Launcher
  • Acid Gasser
    • Armed With: Acid Gas Thrower
  • Rocket
    • Armed With: Rocket Launcher (Panzerfaust)
  • Ack-Ack
    • Armed With: Missile Launcher


  • Light Recon (Western Frontier Army: MX-500 Dervish)
    • Armed With: Heavy Machine Gun (On later missions, it has an additional Light Machine Gun)
  • Heavy Recon (Western Frontier Army: Humbug)
    • Armed With: Heavy Machine Gun x2
  • Light Tank (Western Frontier Army: Herman Mk5)
    • Armed With: 100mm Cannon, Heavy Machine Gun
  • Heavy Tank (Western Frontier Army: M1A5 "Herminator" Battle Tank"
    • Armed With: 100mm Cannon x2, Heavy Machine Gun x2
  • AA Vehicle (Western Frontier Army: Prometheus AIM-9RR)
    • Armed With: IS-III Silverfish Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Heavy Machine Gun
  • Artillery (Western Frontier Army: Preacher PK-772)
    • Weapons: 88mm Low-Recoil Cannon, Heavy Machine gun
  • Battlestation (Western Frontier Army: AJAX T-500)
    • Weapons: Twin-Barrel Battle Cannons, Anti-Vehicle Turret x2, Heavy Machine Gun x3


  • Gunship (Western Frontier Army: Duey AH-86)
    • Weapons: AMG-115 Heckfire Anti-Tank Missiles, Heavy Machine Gun x2
  • Fighter (Western Frontier Army: F-19 Poltergeist)
    • Weapons: Duel Silverfish Air-to-Air Missiles, Anti-Air Turret
  • Bomber (Western Frontier Army: Valentine B-58)
    • Weapons: Bombs, Anti-Air Turret x3
  • Strato Destroyer (Western Frontier Army: B-5000)
    • Weapons: Silverfish Air-to-Air Missiles, Bombs, Anti-Air Turret x4
  • Transport Copter (Western Frontier Army: C-Type Samson)
    • Weapons: Heavy Machine Gun x2

Defense structures[edit]

  • Machine Gun Nest: A simple defense structure composed of sandbags. With no limit in traverse, It can fire in any direction.
  • Machine Gun Bunker: More solid than the MG Nest, the MG Bunker is hard to destroy without explosive weaponry. Its only disadvantage is the limited firing field of 160 Degrees.
  • Gun Tower: Another defense structure that uses Height Advantage against Infantry. Has a blind spot in its roots.very weak against artillery and close bazooka vets.
  • Xylvanian Pillbox: Equipped with an Anti-Tank Gun and 2 Heavy Machine Guns to protect its side flanks.