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Mission debrief[edit]

The Anglo Isles are staging an assault on the Imperial Palace itself! If it falls, Empress Lei-Qo shall be eternally shamed... The Fate of the Solar Empire rests in her hands!

Unit composition[edit]

  • Solar Empire: 10 Grunts, 4 Assault Vets, 4 Bazooka Vets, 2 Light Tanks
  • Anglo Isles: 2 Artillery, Flame Vets, Bazooka Vets, Light Tanks, Grunts, Air Transports

Steps to Victory[edit]

  • Fight your way to the Imperial Palace then defend the HQ from Anglo Attack.
  • When in control of a Veteran, press and hold the B button ti charge up your weapon.
  • Select a unit, then press and hold the A button to control Transfer.


You start out with 7 grunts and Two Light Tanks. Clear the Area of Anglo Units and protect your units alive at all costs. You will encounter Bazooka Vets attempting to kill your Light Tank so deal with them with infantry or crush the enemy bazooka vets with the Light Tank.

Kill the Anglo Infantry and Light Tanks and then proceed to capture the Helipad. You will gain 4 Bazooka Veterans from an Air Transport to deal with more tanks.

Head to the next Gold Star and you will encounter your enemies behind Sandbags. Either Flank them or destroy their Sandbags.

After dealing with the Anglo units you will meet up with the Assault Vets. The Assault Veterans weapon is ideal against light vehicles and infantry. Press and hold the B button to continuous firing the weapon but don't let it heat up.

Kill the Bazooka Vets with the Assault Vets while use the Bazooka Vets and Light Tanks to defeat Anglo Light Tanks.

Advance until you see two artillery units up ahead. You must destroy them before they destroy the Palace's defenses. There is also a battalion of Grunts detected outside of the palace. Kill the infantry and then advance to the Palace.

After arriving at the Palace you gain 3 more grunts to command. The enemy will attempt to capture the HQ with Grunts so man the 2 MG Nests with Grunts only to deal with that threat.

The First wave of attackers will be infantry trying to take the Flag.

The Second wave has light tanks and more grunts involved. Protect the MG nests with your Light Tank against the enemies light tank or if the MG nest blows up so does the grunt.

The Third Wave of attackers involves with the Flame Vets clearing a path for Colonel Windsors light Tanks and Grunts.

The Final wave involves Grunts, Bazooka Vets and light tanks. Use the correct unit against the enemy like use Grunts and Assault Vets to tackle infantry while your bazooka vets and Light Tanks deal with enemy Tanks.

Defeat this wave and the mission is complete.