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Air units have weak armour (Mostly fighters and Gunships) but fly very fast. Anti air fire of any kind can shoot them down and expect aircraft to crash if they bump into things like rocks. Use Remote buttonGeneric Up.png and Remote buttonGeneric Down.png to control altitude. All aircraft are vulnerable to Frigates and Anti Air Vehicles. Like Vehicles, if an aircraft's health is lower than 10%, it will burn up and be destroyed unless repaired by a Jerry Can.



Strato Destroyers Eih? These Fighters should be able to deal with those fiends!


These aircraft are good against all aircraft and do barrel rolls against missiles.

Used by all factions but mostly the Anglo Isles. Weak armoured and also have machine guns.

Turn Remote buttonGeneric Left.png or Remote buttonGeneric Right.png to turn fighters and bombers, and tilt Nunchuk button and Remote button at the same time to do barrel rolls which dodge missile lock.

Also lock on to an enemy aircraft with Z button so the missiles can hit their target.


These planes have missiles that only work on aircraft so don't expect them to win against ground forces.

Air Transport[edit]

An Air Transport shall carry Grunts to the Airbase flag!



Air Transports are used to carry units by air. Carries even light tanks and has machine guns. Enemy Air Transports are critical enemies as if they are shot down before they land means its cargo gets killed as well.


More Bombers Commander! They are being resupplied at the Anglo Airbase! Use your AA Vehicle Wisely!



These units are perfect for ground foes and ships but watch out for things that carry Flak Cannons or Missile launchers even if they are Anti Air Vets.

Introduced in Mission 1 as slow foes for AA vehicles but latter missions where bombers proven to be quite powerful(Not to mention kill almost every ground foe in one bombing run).

Always use C button to see your bombing runs and again with all air units fly low to dodge missiles and don’t crash them.

Also in some missions these planes are critical against certain situations like enemy Battleships or destroying a concrete barricade.


Use anything anti air even fighters and anti air Vets but Anti Air Vehicles, Frigates and Fighters do better because bombers can kill anti air vets so easily if the Anti Air Vet is not used properly.



Is that so General? Lets see how they do against my GUNSHIPS!


There are two types of gunships. Propeller Gunships and the VTOL Gunships. Both type of Gunships perform the same role.

Good against all Ground (Including Battlestations), Naval(Gunships do low damage against Battleships) and Infantry units but weak to fighters and AA units.

Introduced as a foe but appeared as a playable unit and common foe in latter campaigns especially when Gorgi, A-Qira, Empress Qa Len, Ubel and Kaiser Vlad attempts to harass the Players Battalion with Gunships.

Gunships are more formidable foes than Bombers because Bombers were slow targets and easy to shoot down and the Gunship moves quicker.

Point Remote buttonGeneric Up.png to move up and Remote buttonGeneric Down.png to go down, but don't crash them because Aircraft are fragile.

Lock on to an enemy target with Z button to be able to get an accurate shot off of it but fail to lock on to an enemy target result in the missiles might miss their target.

Also A-Qira claims that Gunships have Targeting Computers.

Strato Destroyers[edit]

Artwork for Strato Destroyer



Armed with Missiles for air, guns for all targets and bombs for ground but Not usable by the player.

Own by the Western Frontier and Xylvania but the Western Frontier rarely uses them and introduced as an enemy in the final mission.