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Control Uses
Neutral nunchuk Player movement.
Press Minus button Activate the map screen.
Shake Nunchuk button downwards. Dive when controlling a submarine. Submarines in follow mode will also follow your dive underneath the water.
Shake Nunchuk button upwards. Jump.
Remote button Look around.
Tilt Remote button left or right. Turn when controlling a fighter or a bomber.
Tilt Remote button up or down. Control altitude in aerial vehicles and submarines. Dive low to dodge missiles.
Tilt Nunchuk button and Remote button in the same direction. Perform a combat roll or a barrel roll.
Hold B button To fire, bomb and use weapons like cannons. To use Veteran Weapons press and hold B button to use charged shots; note that some are prone to overheating.
Hold Z button Lock on to an enemy target.
A button Command your Battalion. Transfer control between your units by locking on to the unit or use the Neutral dpad to select a unit you want and hold A button.
Plus button Open the Pause menu.
1 button and 2 button In Nintendo Wi-Fi mode during a co-op game use 1 button to issue a request and 2 button to accept one.