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Capture facilities to get reinforcements. Facilities are new in Battalion Wars 2. Also expect the enemy to counter attack if any facility is captured, POWs are freed or even the enemy tries to prevent the player from capturing anything.

  • Barracks: reinforces infantry of all types including Veteran Infantry and Grunts.
  • Helipad: capture them to get more troops. One time only so make use of your reinforcements.
  • POW Camps: free the POWs by shooting the Ammo Dump or crush the fence with any vehicle or explosive weapons even with the Fighters AA Missiles. Again make good use of your reinforcements.
  • HQ: must not be captured by enemies or missions will end in bitter defeat. Provides Grunts.
  • Airbase: reinforces aircraft like Gunships.
  • Docks: reinforces naval units like the Battleship.
  • Factories: always reinforces Tanks and other ground vehicles.