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This is the second series of missions after Campaign 2 the Anglo Isles where you fight the Solar Empire.

Mission Debrief[edit]

Flashback 2 the Iron Legion, in this Campaign you take control of the Battalions of the Iron Legion. In the Present day Kaiser Vlad of Xylvania tells his henchman Kommandant Ubel about the war which their ancestors, the Iron Legion almost conquered the world.

It was 200 years ago and Lord Ferrok of the Iron Legion stood on the Brink of total conquest. Only Empress Oa-Len of the ancient Solar Empire dared to challenge him launching its final attack.

You must wage war upon The Solar Empire!

The Solar Empire gathered the last of their forces and marched on old Xylvania. Meanwhile Lord Ferrok was close to completing the Construction of a new Terror Tank that would soon crush them all.

Unit Composition[edit]

  • Battlestation, Assault vet, Anti Air Vet, Grunt, 4 Gunships
  • Assault Vet, Mortar Vet, Grunt, Bazooka Vet, Gunships, Heavy Tank, Light Tank, Air Transport

Steps to Victory[edit]

  • Defend Lord Ferroks prototype Battlestation from the Solar Empire invaders.
  • Use the Battlestation to Assault Imperial occupied Positions, liberating POW Camps.
  • Obliterate the Solar Panels that are being use to energize enemy vehicles.


The Battlestation must be protected until its engines run hot. By the Will of Lord Ferrok.

Occupy the RPG Towers and AA Towers with Grunts only. Once the Towers are occupied Lock on to the Battlestation with the Z button and press the A button on the All units icon to order your Assault Vets and AA Vets and other units to defend the Battlestation.

The First Wave involves Assault Vets trying to destroy the Battlestation. Control transfer to either your Assault Vets or your Gunship and defeat them.

The Second Wave involves a wing of Gunships. Control transfer to either the Anti Air Vets or the AA Tower to shoot them down.

The Third Wave involves Light Tanks. Use your RPG Towers and Gunships to deal with them.

The Fourth Wave involves the Bazooka Vets which are a threat to the RPG Towers. First abandon the RPG Towers and then use your Assault Vets and Gunships to quell the threat.

The Fifth wave involves more gunships. Control Transfer to the AA Towers or AA Vets to deal with them.

The Final Wave of attackers involves two Artillery units. Reoccupy the RPG Towers and the Gunship to deal with the threat.

After the Attacks are over the Battlestation will be completed and ready to use. You will automatically be in control of the Terror Tank and use it to shell Enemies from afar. This Tank will kill Light Tanks and Infantry in one hit but Heavy Tanks require two or more to destroy. Protect it will the AA Vets when facing Gunships. Repair your tank and prepare to assault the Imperial Bases.

Head Northeast and use the Battlestation to level the Imperial AA and RPG Towers and units here. After Destroying the MG Towers free the AA Veterans by shooting the Ammo Dump or smash the fence with the tank. The East Mine Encampment will be neutralized.

After Freeing the AA Veterans beware of Air Transports carrying infantry and Gunships attempting to counterattack. Shoot the Gunships down with AA Vets and use the other units to kill the infantry. Head west of the Anti Air Veteran POW Camp and use your gunships or Battlestation to destroy the Towers that stand in your way. Then destroy the Enemy in the Gunship POW Camp and destroy the AA Towers to allow you to liberate your gunships. The enemy at the Fortress has been destroyed but the Enemy will attempt to counterattack again only this time they will bring in light tanks. Remember, your Battlestation can kill Light tanks and Infantry in one hit. Just kill the infantry with your Assault Vets and kill the Tanks with your Gunships and Battlestation.

There are Two Paths leading to the Solar Empires Solar Panels. The Western path leads to a bunch of artillery and powerful towers while the Eastern one involves Gunships, AA Towers and MG Towers guarding it.

If you choose west first take control of the Gunships and use them to destroy the Artillery and Towers then advance with your ground battalion.

If you choose east destroy the Towers with the Battlestation and then use the Assault Vets and the AA Vets to defeat the Gunships.

After choosing a path you will encounter a bunch of vehicles being energized by Solar Panels. Destroy them but first Destroy the AA Towers to allow Gunship support.

After Destroying 3 Solar Panels head Northeast to destroy more AA Towers and the remaining 3 Solar Panels and your mission will be complete.