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Easy to control units. All infantry can capture buildings, man defenses and swim temporarily but fragile so any bazooka rocket, bomb, shell etc. can do serious damage to them. All infantry can man MG nests, AA Towers, RPG Towers and any defense they find. If the tower is destroyed, so is the infantry unit inside it. Also note that infantry (not emplacements) have lower amount of health than any other unit type in the game and don't take lessened damage from anything.

To capture buildings, enter emplacements, or just jump, shake Nunchuk buttonGeneric Up.png. Grunts are generally preferred for flag captures or emplacement usage since the infantry involved won't use their primary weapons, but a vet type that has taken care of the targets it is designed to counter can be substituted.

Most Vets can hold down B button to charge up their attacks.


Good in numbers, perfect for infantry, and great for handling structures, but weak against tanks.

Grunts can engage opposing infantry in light skirmishes for other units, keeping the enemy from advancing as well with them. They can also be sent out to take out weakened infantry.

In nearly all missions, Grunts are around as friendlies and/or enemies.

Bazooka Vets[edit]

These Bazooka Vets make light work of vehicles! But their shells are slow moving and easily dodged by infantry


Elite troopers are meant for demolishing tanks, any enemy defense tower and opposing ground forces. Shots are slow enough to be dodged by infantry at good frequency, need chargeup to KO in a single hit, and have only minor splash.

Charge shots do more damage and have longer range.

Introduced as a single enemy where the Solar Empire must protect the AA vehicle from a single Bazooka Vet, but later fought as a common foe.

Anti Air Vet[edit]

These Sharpshooters are trained to bring down enemy air units!


Elite anti air troops that can down all aircraft in seconds but ineffective against ground foes.

Introduced because AA Vehicles are quite bulky at small spaces and Frigates are AA only at the sea.

Even for good anti air unit the unit can be easily be killed by Gunships and Bombers if used improperly.

Try to keep them from being clumped with your other units so that their missiles don't collide with your other units while they can still stay near enough to protect your other units.

Also hold down B button to launch a salvo of Rockets. The more charged the shot is the more missiles the gun fires.

Flame Vets[edit]

I say! Who is that on the beach? Flame Veterans Advance!

Colonel Windsor

Soldiers that are very effective against infantry even if they are behind sandbags.

They have to get close to a target to harm them, but once they do, they have an easy time dealing high damage to infantry. Expect them to be used more often instead of assault vets.

Hold down B button to keep on continuous burning. Beware: the weapon can overheat and subsequently become unusable for 4 seconds.

Expect Tanks to be effective against them along with aircraft.

Assault Vets[edit]

Elite Assault Veterans advance! Smash the enemy!


Elite Troopers that are ideal against light vehicles and infantry. Their MGs are stronger than that of Grunts, but they are less common.

Empress Qa-Len points out these Vets are elite troopers.

Hold down B button for Rapid fire attacking with the Assault Rifle but don’t let the guns overheat.

First introduced in Mission 3 but later fought more often and finally Grunts are used more often than these troopers.

Do not let them attack tanks! Gunships are okay, but don't expect results.

Mortar Vet[edit]

Mortar Vets come in handy when attacking foes in trenched positions


Good for attacking light vehicles and infantry in cover.

Lord Ferrok claims these troopers were his personal honor vanguards.

Introduced in the Flashback campaign by Herman where these troops are used for sandbags.

Same as Bazooka Vet. Hold down B button to do a charge shot and do more damage. The more charged the shot is the more range and damage the shot does.

Not used very often due to tanks can just crush the enemy infantry or flame vets get up close and cook them.

Munitions Expert[edit]

Set those charges Munitions expert!


In some missions expect these troopers to be protected because these guys set bombs on things.

Cleanup Soldier[edit]

Now escort the cleanup Squad to Windsors Column! They will have Windsor Column scrubbed up in a jiffy!


Colonel Windsor uses these troopers to cleanup messes, including the Windsors Column. Similar to Grunts, but only with cleaning tools. Needs quite a bit of protection.

Staff Bearer[edit]

The Staff Bearer has fallen and the strike Battalion along with him!


This unit is the strongest unit and this trooper is only playable in the prologue mission. This unit carries a magical staff that provides a shield and supercharges his rifle. This unit is basically a Grunt but with the Staff of Qa-Len. Weapon is same as Assault Vets (Hold B button to rapid fire powerful bursts of plasma) only the gun can destroy anything even Battlestations and Gunships.