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This is the First Flashback campaign you will play in Battalion Wars 2.

Mission Debrief[edit]

Flashback I: The Western Frontier (30 Years Ago)

In this historical campaign, you take commands of the Battalions of the Western Frontier.

Thirty Years ago when General Herman of the Western Frontier of the Western Frontier was a young man, Tsar Gorgi of the Tundran Territories launched a preemptive strike against the Western Frontier.

The Tsar believed rumors that the Western Frontier had constructed an all powerful superweapon - an almost identical scenario to that occurring in the present day Solar Empire. Could the same person be behind both rumors and both wars?

Repel the Tundran invaders and secure victory for the Frontier.

Caught unawares by the Tundran's preemptive strike, the "fighting" Frontier was pressed back into its heartlands. A derelict base in the middle of the Desert was the site of their last stand!

Unit Composition[edit]

  • Frontier: Grunt, Assault Vet, Bazooka Vet, 1 Recon, 2 Artillery, Anti Air Vets
  • Light Tanks, Flame Veterans, Bazooka Vets, Grunts, Gunships

Steps to Victory[edit]

  • Defend your HQ then move out and capture all the Tundran Facilities.
  • Send your units to a friendly flag or Building to have them Guard it automatically.
  • You cannot call units from Guard with the all icon. Give orders using individual unit icons.


You start out as a Western Frontier Bazooka Vet with a battalion of grunts to command.

Protect your HQ against the Tundran infantry and Tanks. Charge up your Bazooka with the B button, then aim and lock on to an enemy light tank with the Z button and fire. It is advised to destroy the Light Tanks before they finish off your battalion. Order your grunts to man the MG Nests by locking on to one and ordering them with the A button.

After Repelling the attack your objectives is to capture all the Tundran facilities in 14 minutes. You get a reinforcement battalion of Assault Vets and a Recon unit.

Start heading northeast of the HQ to capture the Barracks. Defeat the Flame Vets and enemy tundran infantry with the Recon and Assault Vets while using the Bazooka vets to protect your grunts from Light Tanks. Order your grunts to capture the Barracks or the Tundrans will keep making more infantry to swarm you.

After Capturing the Barracks you gain access to Anti Air Veterans. Use them to attack the gunships before they destroy your battalion. You can charge the Anti Air Veterans weapon with the B button and launch a salvo of missiles.

After defending the Barracks head west to capture the Factory. Use Bazooka Vets to defeat the light tanks, Recon and Assault Vets to kill the Tundran infantry, Anti Air Vets to swat the Gunships while using your grunts to capture the facility. After capturing the Factory you gain access to the Artillery unit. To use the artillery properly lock on with the Z button and press the B button to fire accurate shots.

Bombard the enemy MG Towers with artillery while using Recon and Assault Vets to kill the infantry and use the Bazooka Vets to destroy the light tanks. Use the Anti Air vets to kill the Gunships and capture the Airbase to complete the mission.