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Naval units only travel the sea. The Iron Legion does not have any navy but the Solar Empire claims they had a mighty fleet. Naval units are new in Battalion Wars 2. Like Vehicles and Aircraft these units take damage until they get destroyed if their health points are low.



Commander! Let me introduce you to the pride of the Imperial Navy! MY PERSONAL BATTLESHIP!! Protect it at all cost!


Powerful ships equipped with heavy armor and long range cannons. Susceptible to submarines.

First introduced in Solar Empire Mission 5 "Repelling the Enemy" and later on encountered as an enemy unit.

Players will find it easier to control all naval units if they change camera view with the C Button.


These ships are vulnerable to aircraft and submarines, so escort them with Frigates and Submarines.


And now to introduce to our secret naval project! THE DREADNOUGHT!!


These heavy versions of the Battleship are always weak against submarines and bombers, but are much stronger than Battleships in all other aspects. Armed with flak cannons and three powerful cannons and many other weapons these ships are perhaps the most strongest ships in the water.

First introduced by A-Qira as his secret naval Project but sunk by Bombers and latter fought several times.


My Submarines shall protect the next wave of Transports!


This troublemaker is really annoying because it harassed many battleships and annoyed many other naval units

Torpedo and Machine gun armed craft. It can go underwater making it unable to be attacked by any unit except for frigates who can destroy it with depth charges. A fragile unit.

First introduction in Anglo Isles Campaign Mission 2 but latter fought as a common foe.

Shake the nunchuk Downward to dive underneath the water and avoid being seen by everything but subs and frigates.


Submarines cannot dive underneath the water forever so resurface to refuel the blue oxygen bar.


A Gunship wing is providing escort for A-Qiras Naval Transports! Send in the Frigates I say!



Fires depth charges against subs and AA missiles at aircraft. Keep this ship away from Battleships and Artillery.

When the Player locks on to an enemy submarine with the Z button and targets a submerged or surfaced submarine, a depth charge is fired instead of its regular AA Missile. In the case of aircraft it uses its AA missile.

First seen and introduced in mission 5 where 2 must be used to protect a Battleship from Bombers. Rarely used and encountered as an enemy later on.

Naval Transport[edit]

Use this Battleship and these Frigates to escort General Hermans Naval Transports ot the shore!


Heavy armoured and armed with machine guns. Used to transport units like light tanks. They often need protection due to submarines and Battleships are a serious threat it.