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Steps to Victory[edit]

  • We must ensure the Staff reaches the Iron Tower! The World is depending on us.
  • Use the Neutral nunchuk to move and the Remote button to look around.
  • Press and hold the Z button Button to Lock on to a target and press the B button Button to fire.


Gold Star #1

This mission is easy; just use the Neutral nunchuk to guide your solar empire grunt to the Gold Star located on your radar.

Gold Star #2

The Second Gold Star involves learning how to attack your enemies. Lock on to the unexploded shell with Z button and press B button to fire. Before destroying the tower aim your cursor at the bombers above. The Red "!" means it is an enemy.

Gold Star #3

After destroying a fallen tower that blocks your path head to the next gold star which is seen over a Solar Empire battalion of units. A Legion Bomber will be seen bombing the Battalion and your next objective will be collecting the Staff of Qa-Len.

The Staff of Qa-Len

After Collecting the Staff you can expect enemy infantry standing in your way. Don't Worry however the Staff will supercharge your weapon and provide you with a strong shield. Just lock on to enemy infantry and kill the enemies one at a time. You will encounter Tanks and Gunships later on but they are no match for your staff that you carry. Just use the Wii Remote to aim for the Gunships and tanks and lock on with Z button and press B button to fire. After defeating Battalions of infantry, Gunships and Tanks you will encounter the Battlestation. Just fire at it and keep dodging its shots until it eventually explodes. Your weapon becomes useless afterwards, but don't worry because three Grunts form a battalion under your command.

Opening the gate

Order the newly formed battalion to follow you with A button and then Lock on to the Gate Chains with Z button and order the battalion to fire at them with A button. Once the Gate Chains are open order your battalion to shoot the Unexploded shells and then the Ammo Dumps to clear a path through enemy grunts. Do a combat roll by tilting left or right on the control stick and tilt the Nunchuk at the same direction. This helps evade enemy attacks.

After defeating the Grunts enter the Iron Tower and mission is complete.