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Mission Debrief[edit]

The Western Frontier garrison is struggling to hold Bongo Island. Admiral A-Qira has assembled a small battalion at the island's southernmost tip. With it he must secure the island.

Unit Composition[edit]

  • Solar Empire: Grunts, Flame Vets, Bazooka Vets, Anti Air Vehicles.
  • Anglo Isles: Grunts, Bazooka Vets, Light Tank, Air Transports, Bombers

Steps to Victory[edit]

  • Defend the Naval Guns then advance and recapture the Docks.
  • Use the Down dpad to select different unit types and the A button to issue orders.
  • Use the All Icon on the left to issue a command to your entire battalion.


You start out with some Flame Vets, Grunts and an Anti Air vehicle.

Follow the Gold star located on your map. You will encounter the enemy Bazooka Vets that blocks your way. Bazooka vets pose a threat to your Anti Air Vehicle so keep the AA Vehicle protected from the enemy Bazooka Vets or Bombers will become a problem. Control Transfer to your Flame Vets, then order the AA Vehicle to wait to keep it out of danger. Attack the enemy Bazooka Vets with the Flame Vets.

After killing the enemy Bazooka Vets order your AA Vehicle to follow you and follow the Gold Star to reach your Bazooka Vets. You can charge the Bazooka Veterans weapon by holding down the B button and release to fire. Order your Bazooka Vets to attack the enemy light tanks because other infantry and AA Vehicles will not puncture the Light Tanks armor.

After defeating the tanks head to the Naval Guns and defend them from enemy Attacks.

Press the C button to switch between 3 different camera views.

The first wave will be a Light Tank attempting to destroy the naval guns. Quickly order your Bazooka Vets to attack that Tank before it reaches the Naval Guns.

The second wave will be enemy Bazooka Vets and Grunts attempting to destroy the Naval Guns.

The Third one will have a light tank to attack the Naval Guns. Destroy it with the Bazooka Vets.

The fourth Wave has enemy infantry attempting to attack the Naval Guns.

The Fifth Wave has all the infantry and light tanks trying to attack the Naval Guns.

The Final Wave of attackers will have a Bomber on approach vector. Time to learn a new way to control transfer to the AA Vehicle. User the Down dpad to select a unit type then press and hold the A button to control transfer to it. Defeat the Bomber and you will then be forced to head to the next Gold Star.

The Next Gold Star involves helping the Western Frontier against enemy Tanks, bombers and infantry. Lucky for you the Western Frontier will bring in their own Light Tank for defense. After defeating the enemy units head to the next gold star where you can find a helipad. Defeat all enemy infantry and then activate the Helipad to receive another Anti Air Vehicle. The Helipad can only be used once so make good use of your reinforcements and the enemy will counterattack with a Light Tank and Bomber so get ready.

After shooting down the bomber and destroying the Light Tank head to the next gold star and be prepare to recapture the Docks from the enemy. Shoot down all enemy aircraft with AA Vehicles, kill infantry with the Flame Vets while using bazooka vets to kill the Light Tanks and order your grunts to capture the Docks Flag.

Order your infantry to capture the flag or while in control of an infantry unit shake the Nunchuk button to jump directly into an enemy flag. Capture the Docks and the Mission will be completed.