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This is the final campaign in Battalion Wars 2.

Mission Dialogue[edit]

Campaign 3: The Tundran Territories (Present Day)

In this campaign you take command of the Battalions of the Tundran Territories.

Kaiser Vlad of Xylvania has invaded the Tundran territories exposing his search for the "Staff of Qa-Len", and absolute power.

The Free nations of the world have stopped fighting among themselves and reformed the Alliance of Nations on a bid to liberate Tundra and prevent Kaiser Vlad from achieving his goal.

Stop the Xylvanians once and for all!

Gorgisburg has been overrun by the invading forces of Xylvania. In the name of his father, Tsar Gorgi Marshal Nova must reclaim it at all costs!

Unit Composition[edit]

  • Tundra: Grunt, Flame Veteran, Anti Air Veteran, Bazooka Veteran, Artillery, Gunships, Air Transport
  • Xylvania: Mortar Vet, Assault Vet, Grunt, Artillery, Light Tank, Bazooka Vet, Gunship, Air Transport

Steps to Victory[edit]

  • Capture the Xylvanian Factory and Airbase to secure vehicular reinforcements.
  • Activate a helipad and rescue POWs to gather infantry reinforcements.
  • Proceed to the Gorgisburg Mausoleum, the final resting place of Marshal Nova's Father.


You Start out with Anti Air vets, Flame Vets, two artillery and several grunts.

Use the Artillery and the MG Nests to repel the Bazooka Vets and shoot down the Gunships with the Anti Air Vets.

Clear the enemy Mortar Vets and enemy MG Towers with your Artillery and then there are three paths to take to Gorgisburg. The first one is the eastern forest, the central pass and the perilous northern cliffs. Unfortunately Ubel deployed a minefield at the western path.

Your first Secondary Objective is to capture the Airbase. Shoot down the Air Transport first then shoot down the Gunships while using the Flame Vets to burn the enemy infantry here. Expect a counterattack after the Airbase is captured.

The next Secondary objective is to liberate the Bazooka Vets. Clear the enemy from a distance with the artillery or gunships and then liberate the Bazooka Vets. Expect another counterattack coming at you.

The next Secondary objective is to find Private Hazard from the Minefield. Order your battalion to stay behind while using only one Grunt to rescue the Private. Beware of those Large brown lumps because those are mines.

The next secondary objective is to capture the Helipad. Clear the AA and MG Towers with the Artillery and shoot down the Air Transports with the Anti Air Vets. Finally after that capture the Helipad to secure infantry reinforcements.

The Next Secondary objective is to assist the Western Frontier against enemy light tanks and Bazooka vets. After defeating the enemy the Western Frontier joins your battalion.

The final bonus objective is to capture the Factory. Use your gunships to clear a safe path for your men through enemy Autogun defenses and ground troops. After Capturing the Factory fend off another counterattack and proceed to take control of the Gunship for later use.

After you made it to Gorgisburg the 3 minute timer begins. Within 3 minutes you must deactivate the Dynamite explosives before they go off. Clear the enemy ground forces and Towers with the Artillery and Gunships then use your infantry to deactivate the bombs and your mission will be complete.