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This is the first series of missions where you will fight the Solar Empire.

Mission Debrief[edit]

Campaign 2 the Anglo Isles. In this Campaign you take control of the Battalions of the Anglo Isles. Your country faces a fierce counterattack from Admiral A-Qira of the Solar Empire and Marshal Nova of the Tundran Territories.

Colonel Windsor and Commander Pierce the Commanding Officers of the Anglo Isles will have to fight with everything at their disposal of they are to resist this Combined attack from two Nations.

Save your homeland from the Solar Empire and the Tundran Territories.

The Solar Empire has launched its counteroffensive on the Anglo Isles seizing its naval Shipyards. Commander Pierce must reclaim those docks.

Unit composition[edit]

  • Anglo Isles: Grunt, Flame Veteran, Mortar Veteran, 2-3 Light Tanks, 2 Battleships, 2 Fighters
  • Solar Empire: Grunt, Bazooka Veteran, Anti Air Veteran, Heavy Tank, Artillery
  • Tundra: Gunships

Steps to Victory[edit]

  • Capture the Airbase then the docks to reclaim sovereignty of our territory.
  • Your HUD will let you know when the enemy has achieved missile lock.
  • Flying low will help you avoid Anti Air Missiles. Listen for the Warning.


You start out with several Mortar Vets, Grunts and several Light Tanks. Attack the Heavy Tank with two light tanks and then proceed to destroy the MG Towers and kill the Solar Infantry to capture the Airbase.

You will encounter Tundran Gunships latter on but take control of the Fighter and shoot them down. Send the rest of your battalion to fend off A-Qiras counterattack. Time to take the grips with fighter controls. Push forward and backwards on the Neutral nunchuk to adjust your speed and twist the Remote button to turn. Press left or right on the Neutral nunchuk and tilt the Nunchuk button in the same direction to barrel roll and break AA Missile Lock.

You will encounter a heavy tank on the bridge and artillery on the other side but Battleship Reinforcements are here to deal with them. Kill the Anti Air Vets to allow your fighter to fly freely without threats.

After Crossing the bridge use your battleships to destroy all enemy Towers and units and liberate the POW Camps while protecting Battleships with your fighters.

After Liberating the Flame Vets head to another bridge defended with MG Towers and RPG Towers and shell them with your battleship.

Destroy the Artillery and Anti Air Vets with your Battleship and Light Tanks and then proceed to reclaim the Naval Shipyards while defeating more gunships.

You will be then ordered to destroy the Sea Fortress and artillery with Battleships and shoot down gunships with fighters. Destroy the Sea Fortress with the Battleships within 3 minutes and your mission will be completed.