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Controlling Vehicles is the same as infantry. Use Neutral nunchuk to move forward or backward. Point Remote button to look around. Use B button to fire but tanks do not rapid fire with their main cannons. Also Vehicles can't capture or jump and must avoid the deep waters because vehicles take damage in the water. Vehicles get destroyed if they go into deep water but infantry can temporarily swim in water. Tanks are not as fast as Infantry and if their health is at least 5% it will catch on fire and burn until it blows up.

Light Tank[edit]

Light Tanks are annoying foes.

The standard tanks of most armies except the Iron Legion. Fragile against Heavy tanks and killed in one shot by Battlestations.

First Introduce in Mission 2 as a foe but latter on a common enemy and controllable unit in future campaigns.

Always use the Light tank for certain situations like use them to attack Anti Air Vehicles.


Destroy that RECON! It must not report our search for the staff of legends!

Kaiser Vlad

Fast and armed with 2 heavy chain guns that can cut through infantry.

Introduced in the 4th Mission of the Solar Empire Campaign where they must be used to destroy 3 missile silos. Rarely usable because of its armour and firepower.

Controlling these vehicles are to hard especially when it drives to fast and it might fall into deep water where it blows up.

The Recon replaces the Heavy Recon and the Light Recon for without a reason.

Heavy Tank[edit]

So? Commader Pierce seeks to reclaim the Airbase? Send a Heavy Tank to stop him!


This Heavy tank is more stronger than Light Tanks.

A more powerful version of the Light tank but slower and weak to Bazooka Vets.

Lord Ferrok used these tanks as the standard tank division because the Iron Legion does not have a light tank but the Heavy tank is available to all factions.

First seen in Mission two where two Solar Empire Heavy tanks were seen bombed by a bomber when Pierce captures the Docks. A tough foe and more common enemy and also rarely used.

AA Vehicle[edit]


Used for aircraft but all ground foes like Bazooka Vets are a threat to it.

Several Missions point out that if the AA Vehicle is destroyed equals mission failed.

Introduce in Mission 1 where it must be protected so they can shoot bombers down with.

Lock on to Aircraft with Z button so that the AA Missiles can hit the enemy aircraft but fail to lock on to aircraft results in the missiles miss their target. Also watch out for Bombers and Gunships that fly low or to fast.


This is an anti air only vehicle so don't expect it to win fights against ground forces.


Hate to interrupt Commander but there is artillery ahead! Lucky for us those Battleship reinforcements have just arrived!


Artillery must be dealt with up close but watch out for machine guns.

Foes that must be dealt with up close or from the air. These units are effective against Naval Units and most targets that don’t come up close or that are aircraft.

Used by all factions including the Anglo Isles.

Introduce in Solar Empire Mission 3 where two of them must be destroyed but latter used for other reasons like use it to destroy enemy defense turrets especially AA Towers.

Always lock on to an enemy target with Z button or your shells will miss their target.


These Vehicles are long range attackers that must be dealt with up close or with Battleships.


Release the Battlestation!

Lord Ferrok


Sometimes usable by the player. Sometimes missions require that the Battlestation not be destroyed or the mission will fail. Expect the tank to be slow. It is armed with many guns for tanks and infantry. Good armour but watch out for bombers and gunships. It can kill Light Tanks and infantry in one hit and it is one of the most strongest vehicles in the game.

Introduced in the Prologue Mission where the Staff Bearer must destroy one and in a flashback campaign the player used it against all ground forces. In the last mission it must not be destroyed or nothing will break the Mining Spider besides bombers.


Always escort these vehicles with Anti Air because Gunships are a threat to it.