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Enemies can only be identified by moving close to them.

The single player campaign provides some context and mission objectives beyond simply destroying enemy ships in the arcade mode.

There are ten different scenarios, and five different difficulties to choose from.

The opposition consists of unknown ships that can only be identified by moving close to them. As these ships also move around from their spawn location, and their type changes from difficulty to difficulty, it is not possible to identify the ships before the battle.

Minelayers, when stationary, have the ability to deploy a minefield. Minefields are invisible on the screen, but will cause explosions when enemy ships pass by them. It is possible to use a patrol boat to lure enemies into a minefield, as patrol boats move too quickly for any other ship to catch up to them.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

There are five opposing commanders to choose from. Depending on the opposing commander, the opposition may feature additional enemies.

In order from easiest to most difficult, your opposition is:

Image Name Description
Admiral Turney Delaney Admiral Turner Delaney The easiest of your opponents, Delaney's best days may be behind him. However, do not underestimate this high seas veteran.
Vice Adm. Ballast Vice Admiral Ballast What Ballast lacks in expertise, he makes up for in patience. He discovers your weaknesses and sets his trap.
Rear Admiral Kennedy Rear Admiral Kennedy Kennedy is average in this crowd only. She is your most ruthless adversary.
Capt. Karl Schreck Captain Karl Schreck Second only to Vasiliev in skill, Schreck is utterly cunning - never turn your back.
Admiral Leonid Vasiliev Admiral Leonid Vasiliev Your toughest opponent, Vasiliev's precision under fire is unequaled.

#1 - Oil Inferno[edit | edit source]

Troop transport vs. oil refinery
Player assets
Carrier 2
Battleship 2
Cruiser 2
Destroyer 1
Patrol Boat 2
Minelayer 1
Submarine 2
Troop Transport 2

Players must destroy the enemy fleet, consisting of a variety of ships (mostly cruisers, destroyers, and patrol boats on the easiest difficulty) to clear the way to attack the oil refinery. The oil refinery does have a shore gun, but has infinite health - only a troop transport using its special attack (Marines) can destroy it and win the game.

Official Description: Soon after the island of Saka was found to be rich in oil, the enemy constructed unauthorized drilling rigs on top of existing villages. Inhabitants were forced to serve the new industry or abandon their homeland. You must destroy the oil refinery (OR) to return the island to its people.

#2 - Convoy Raid[edit | edit source]

Official Description: The enemy is particularly restless and trigger happy as they transport oil among these islands. Without this oil, their fleet will be helpless. Locate and eliminate oil transports (OT) before they reach their destination.

#3 - Enemy Minefield[edit | edit source]

Official Description: According to area sources, the enemy is peaceful - your first clue something shady is in the works. Your second clue is a nearby private factory. Stop contraband delivery boats (DB) and destroy the factory (DF). You'll soon discover if the enemy is involved.

#4 - Mission of Mercy[edit | edit source]

Official Description: A UN research party crossed into hostile territory to examine a nuclear waste dump (NW). After completing tests, they found it was much easier to get in than to get out. The enemy does not want the test results publicized and will do anything to keep you from rescuing the researchers.

#5 - Invasion Island[edit | edit source]

Official Description: The icy waters of the North host three enemy ports to your one. Until a recent surprise attack, a peace pact secured your remote port from enemy invasion. You've already lost important ships. Regroup immediately and use the remainder of your fleet to obliterate all three enemy harbours.

#6 - Whale Liberation[edit | edit source]

Official Description: A whale migration attracts the most ruthless of poachers. This season you can be sure the enemy plans to cash in. Use your small but tough fleet to escort the defenseless whales through these dangerous waters.

#7 - Atomic Sub[edit | edit source]

Official Description: The enemy is conducting a covert test run of an atomic Submarine. Although its full capabilities are unknown, the Super Submarine (SS) could be the enemy's ace in the hole. Locate and destroy this vessel - be prepared to take on an entire fleet.

#8 - Defensive Dilemma[edit | edit source]

Official Description: Because your harbour is the ideal location for an active port, every Commander is prepared to take it whatever the cost. Protect this vital land from invasion. It takes only one Troop Transport to destroy an entire harbour.

#9 - Tech Contention[edit | edit source]

Official Description: Your science team has built a stellar technological device (ST), but there's a small problem: the prototype has been "misplaced", and you aren't the only Commander eager to find it.

#10 - Home Fire Burning[edit | edit source]

Official Description: You received word: Return to Home harbour. Enemy has invaded. Everything destroyed. Now you must drive the enemy from your homeland to free your people, and destroy the enemy's harbour to even the score.

Campaign-specific targets[edit | edit source]

There are a number of campaign-specific units and land installations.

  • Missile Silo: Launches anti-ship missiles at nearby ships. To destroy it, initiate tactical combat on it with a troop transport.
  • Shore Battery: A shore cannon which shells nearby ships. Not every ship can destroy it.
  • Power Plant: Provides power to missile silos and shore batteries. Destroy it to disable its dependent structures.