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Control Action
Single Player Multi Player Vehicle
Start button Pause Combat zone overview screen Pause
Back button N/A Scoreboard N/A
A button Jump Command a nearby trooper to enter your vehicle and take over gunner duties
B button Enter/Exit vehicle
X button Stand, Crouch, Prone N/A
X buttonX button Dive to prone/Jump to stand N/A
Y button Hotswap Reload N/A
Black button Open parachute Pick up kit Change vehicle position
White button Reload Speak (Xbox communicator required) Change camera
LB button N/A Show/Hide full map N/A
RB button N/A Toggle flag locations and distance N/A
RT button Use weapon/item Use weapon
LT button Default weapon N/A
LT button (Hold) + Neutral dpad or Neutral rstick Cycle weapons N/A
Neutral rstick Aim/Look Helicopter altitude and roll/Aim turret
R button Zoom N/A
Neutral lstick Move/ Drive Drive land vehicle/ Helicopter pitch and rotation
Down dpad or Up dpad Zoom minimap in/out
Left dpad Toggle minimap large/small N/A
Right dpad Toggle flag locations and distance N/A N/A