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The Goblin Leader (The Squealing Bog)[edit]

Special Attacks
  • Bomb Toss
  • Charge
  • Goblin Summon

The first boss posses as no significant threat. Let your tank absorb damage from his basic attack, while your DPS and/or Ranged-Attackers provide additional damage. If he tosses a bomb, move your character he tossed the bomb at out of the way to avoid taking excess damage. When he summons his goblins, be sure to dispose of them as quickly as you can by assigning your non-tanks to attack them, while keeping the tank focused on the boss. After he summons goblins, he is likely to charge; he is invincible in this state, but his charge attack does very little damage. Keep it up and victory is in your clutches.

Giant Spider (The Silken Wildwood)[edit]

Special Attacks
  • Web Shoot
  • Spider Summon

This boss is very similar to the first one. The difference is some of the spider's special attacks, but the strategy is almost identical. Keep your tank constantly attacking the spider, if the spider summons its underlings then focus your DPS and/or Ranged-Attacker on them while the tank remains attacking the spider. If you have a wizard, it would be a good idea to use Blizzard or Time-Stop while the underlings are summoned. If you healer happens to get hit by a web shot, then it cannot auto-heal, so be careful with that.

Giant Slime (The Oozing Dark)[edit]

Special Attacks
  • Acid Spit
  • Split

This boss can be tough if you're not careful. Be sure to pay careful attention to its Acid Spit, as it will continuously damage whoever is standing in it. When you bring the Giant Slime's health to zero, it will split up into several smaller slimes. The real goal of this boss is to defeat all of the small slimes. Once the small slimes all come to the center of the screen, they will form the Giant Slime once again, so while they're small, delay them from getting to the center by possibly casting a Wizard's Time Stop or Blizzard. All (alive) small slimes must be in the center to reform the giant, so if one is unable to join up with the others, then take advantage of that. If you're level 15 with a wizard, cast Conflagrate so it is disabled for 6 seconds. If you have a witch, turn a slime into a frog.

Earth Golem (The Earthen Gate)[edit]

Special Attacks
  • Punch + Dash
  • Jump + Boulder Shower
  • Rage (Attack Boost)

Finally, a boss that doesn't summon underlings! This boss is a strong one and, if you're not careful, can easily take out your tank in rage mode. Punch + Dash combo is used by the Golem to attack a different character than the tank, so if you're using a knight, call it back with a War Cry or Shield Rush. Rage mode is dangerous, even using a skill that boosts defense might not be enough. Thankfully the Golem can't walk very fast in rage mode, so take advantage of this and run away from it until it calms back down. If the Golem summons a Boulder Shower, then heal up the group with any group healing spell.

The Lich (The Throne of Ruin)[edit]

Special Attacks
  • Meteor Shower
  • Paralyze
  • Lightning Shield
  • Skeleton Summon

Behold, the final boss! As soon as the stage begins, start hitting him with your hardest attacks. You may need to summon a shield on your tank to protect it from heavy damage. The Lich's meteor shower can be dangerous, so be careful about the damage you're taking. Group heal after the meteors have finished falling. The Lich can also paralyze a character (like the Giant Spider can), so be careful if he paralyzes your healer. Lightning Shield is an attack that will kill any character that is caught up in it (except maybe your tank - but this is unlikely). Run away from it as soon as you see it start to form lightning. When it finishes its attack, you are safe. Finally, when it summons skeletons, be sure to take these out as quickly as possible, because The Lich will come back after a certain amount of time, and you don't want to be fighting skeletons and The Lich at the same time. Keep hitting him hard, watch out for his lightning, and soon, victory will be yours!