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Carrion Canyon[edit | edit source]

This hostile ravine was a dangerous place even before monsters moved in.

Dusthide Badlands[edit | edit source]

An arid, lifeless wasteland. Why monsters insist on living here is anyone's guess.

The Lost Grotto[edit | edit source]

This cave is said to house living slimes that can devour even the most stalwart hero.

Darkmoon Forest[edit | edit source]

Oozes and the living dead have defiled this once proud forest.

Bloodrose Ruins[edit | edit source]

Yet another shattered husk of a civilization, now overgrown and lost to the ages.

St. Byron Sepulcher[edit | edit source]

Not even looters have dared to visit these haunted grounds in recent years.

The Oozing Dark[edit | edit source]

The walls of this cavern glisten with caustic slime, and a foul smell hangs in the air...

Whithered Hope Valley[edit | edit source]

As the moon rises over these silent sands, the native wildlife comes out to hunt.

Cho'yuk Ravine[edit | edit source]

This winding pass seems to carve endlessly into the rocky mountainside.

Crimson Hollow[edit | edit source]

Powerful mountain giants have made their home amidst the crimson rocks.

Brightstone Monster Arena[edit | edit source]

Minimum kills Item tier
0 4
40 5
65 6
90 7
115 8
140 9
Test your might! How long can you survive?

The Firelands[edit | edit source]

A volcanic eruption has left the terrain here scarred and lifeless.

The Earthen Gate[edit | edit source]

An ancient stone golem stands vigilant here, waiting for hapless adventurers to crush.

The Golem boss that is good to farm.