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Emerald Hinterlands[edit]

The sky is clear, and the scent of the sea hangs in the air.

Everfrost Weald[edit]

This ancient thicket remains in a perpetual state of winter year-round.

Seaside Ruins[edit]

Brisk winter winds howl between the crumbling columns of this necropolis.

Doomvale Monster Arena[edit]

Minimum kills Item tier
0 5
15 6
30 7
50 8
70 9
Test your might! How long can you survive?

Rimetooth Tundra[edit]

Unrelenting snow and ice have turned this frigid land into a tomb.

The Frozen Abyss[edit]

Threatening growls echo from deep within the icy depths.

Time-Lost Canyon[edit]

The first of the invading monster hordes emerged from beyond this very chasm.

Dungeon of the Lost[edit]

A sign outside warns of certain death to those who press on.

Molten Wastes[edit]

On the horizon lies a black citadel, shrouded by volcanic fumes.

The Boneyard[edit]

This wasteland is carpeted in the bones of would-be heroes.

Throne of Ruin[edit]

The Lord of the Dead awaits those foolish enough to challenge him...

Best done with tank healer and two ranged. Tank him and keep other three heroes spread out and away from boss. Healer focuses on tank.

When he crouches down make sure no one is within a few yards of him until explosion completes, then get tank straight back to him

When boss does meteor storm (8 meteors), group heal at or near end of it.

When boss periodically disappears, dispatch 2 archers and 2 swordsman ASAP as boss will reappear on a timer

Rinse and repeat.

Wizard x2, paladin, cleric favorite combo here esp if wizards have teleport, also handy to have cleric shield damage spell handy for mobs