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All interaction with the game is performed using the touchscreen.

At the main screen for the game, you can select from the five options.


For more details on this topic, see Battleheart/Walkthrough.

This is how you access the various levels and progress through the game.


You can see all your items from this window and equip them to your characters.

There are three types of items: weapons, armor, and trinkets. Each item has a tier between 1 and 9 that signifies how strong the item is in relation to others of its class. New items between tiers 1 and 7 can be acquired by beating levels, purchasing from the merchant or upgrading old items. Tier 8 items can be awarded from only the Brightstone arena and Doomvale arena after surpassing a certain number of kills. Tier 9 items can solely be received in the Doomvale arena, also based on kills.


The merchant will have various items for sale and will also pay coins for your old items. The available items are randomized after each battle, so check back often.


You select the activated skills for your character.


You can visit the tavern to hire new characters. Each character will cost 10x the character's level. For example, a level 4 character will cost 40 coins to hire. You must progress through the game to unlock more characters.


You can only have up to 4 characters active at a time. You can have any other characters stay at the Keep.


The best way to level-up is to buy experience enhancing trinkets, which can stack. If you want to level up a character that is at a low level and you're late-game, the best way to do this is to equip him with two experience enhancing trinkets, and go to the Earth Golem level with a healer and a knight, and the character you want to level stand in the corner (shame, shame.) With three characters, each character will gain more experience, and the two experience enhancing trinkets will boost the experience that the low-leveled character gets.


To gain gold, one of the easiest ways is to send a character with no armor on into an arena (the stronger the arena, the better items you get) and have him die. You will get an award, and you can go sell this. You can also buy items from the merchant that increase the % gold you get.