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The Gobwood[edit | edit source]

Once a peaceful forest, it is now home to goblins and other foul creatures.

Eston Farmstead[edit | edit source]

You've heard rumors of a huge cyclops that roams these fields at sundown...

Summersong Ruins[edit | edit source]

All that lies here are the sun-bleached remains of an ancient culture.

The Squealing Bog[edit | edit source]

The leader of the goblin horde makes his home in this squalid wetland.

Chillwind Field[edit | edit source]

Few living souls have ventured across this glade in recent years.

St. Argus Cemetery[edit | edit source]

These once sacred grounds have been defiled by necromancers.

The Royal Crypt[edit | edit source]

Houses the remains of kings, heroes, and more than a few adventurers.

Marrowstone Ruins[edit | edit source]

These ruins echo quietly with the creaks and clatters of walking skeletons.

The Silken Wildwood[edit | edit source]

The trees here are draped ominously with disturbingly large spider webs...

Shalestone Caverns[edit | edit source]

The southern road leads directly through the dank recesses of this unstable cave.

Haggerdom Monster Arena[edit | edit source]

Minimum kills Item tier
0 2
40 3
70 4
85 5
100 6
115 7
Test your might! How long can you survive?

Early in the game, you can earn tier two rewards by simply entering the arena with a terrible party (e.g. a lone bard) and losing as quickly as possible. This is helpful when you need just a few more gold to buy something at the Merchant, or if you want to get trinkets and cash to upgrade gear at the armory early on.