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  • Initial Weapon: Iron Sword
  • Initial Armor: Scale Mail
  • Initial Trinkets: /
  • Initial Power: 36
  • Initial Defense: 36

The Black Knight[edit]

The Black Knight
  • Initial Weapon:
  • Initial Armor:
  • Initial Trinkets: None
  • Initial Power:
  • Initial Defense:


Level Name Effect Cooldown
1 Shield Wall Take on a defensive stance, reducing damage taken by 50% for 15 seconds. 30 second
5 Cleave The knight lashes out with a series of whirling attacks at all enemies around him. 30 second
5 Intimidate The knight emits a terrible battle cry, forcing all adjascent enemies to run in fear. 30 second
10 Chivalry The knight's armor is increased by 15%. Passive
10 Might The knight's power is increased by 15%. Passive
15 War Cry Attracts the attention of all enemies, forcing them to attack the knight instead of his allies. 30 second
15 Shield Rush A fierce rushing attack that knocks the enemy off their feet. 30 second
20 Crippling Blows Reduces the knight's target's damage dealt by 10%. Passive
20 Sunder Armor Increases the knight's target's damage taken from all sources by 10%. Passive
25 Blitz When War Cry or Shield Rush is used, all other abilities have their cooldowns reset. Passive
30 Fortress Shield Wall lasts 20 seconds. Passive
30 Revenge Shield wall reflects all damage done to you, but lasts only 10 seconds. Passive


The knight is most effective as a tank, use of his high armor rating along with the battlecry ability to draw all attacks to him makes him useful in eating attacks so weaker defense but higher power characters can take them out. The revenge ability also makes him even more effective against crowds along with high dmg dealers such as jellies and bosses. A cleric really mazes out his effectiveness, allowing him to last for extremely long periods against large groups