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  • Initial Weapon:
  • Initial Armor:
  • Initial Trinkets: None
  • Initial Power:
  • Initial Defense:


Level Name Effect Cooldown
1 Wind Walk With blinding speed, the monk attacks every enemy on the battle field at once. 30 second
5 Evasion The monk becomes momentarily untouchable, evading all attacks for 8 seconds. 30 second
5 Ki Blast A shockwave of pure ki erupts from the monk, knocking foes to the ground. 30 second
10 Iron Hand The monk's standard attacks have a 5% chance to knock opponents to the ground. Passive
10 Tiger Claw The monk's standard attacks have a +15% chance to deal critical damage. Passive
15 1000 Palms The monk attacks a single target for massive damage. 40 second
15 Spirit Trance Increased speed and health regen for 15 seconds. 40 second
20 Clarity Healing effects on the monk are increased by 10%. Passive
20 Dragon Style Increases the monk's attack power by 15%. Passive
25 Counter Grants a 30% chance upon being hit in melee to instantly strike back. Passive
30 Sweep the Leg Wind Walk greatly reduces movement speed of those struck for 6 seconds. Passive
30 Solar Strikes Wind Walk deals 50% more damage. Passive


The monk is great for fighting bosses or great waves of enemies. The Wind Walk ability can attack all enemies at once. The Evasion ability makes him invulnerable for 10 seconds; great for ogres, red blobs, bosses or when surrounded. Also, for when surrounded you could use the Ki Blast. Also useful is the 1000 Palms ability, dealing great damage. Being a tank/dd class makes the monk versatile.