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Basic enemies[edit]


Usually come in swarms of at least two. They drop from the ceiling and usually go for healers/mages. They go down in a few hits if you remember to target them.



Skeleton Archer[edit]

Skeleton Necromancer[edit]

Heals the monster closest to dying; it can target itself.


Advanced enemies[edit]

Red Bat[edit]

They just do double damage and can be very annoying.Just apply the same strategy as normal bats and take them down as soon as possible.

Blue Goblin[edit]

Green Ogre[edit]

Shadow Archer[edit]

The shadow archer will attack random members of your party. It is worth getting rid of it as soon as possible so you don't have to keep changing who your cleric is healing.

Shadow Necromancer[edit]

They have more health and power then the Skeleton Necromancer.

Red Slime[edit]

The Red Slime will only follow one member of your team, though the target can be changed with warcry, so use this to your advantage. Have the targeted member run away while you attack with the other members

This creature is very dangerous and one chomp from it will lose half your health,



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Goblin leader[edit]

The goblin leader attacks its chosen target or hero with more defence. He throws bombs at the player doing the most damage or using the most abilities. He also performs a warcry that attracts about four goblins while he charges around the screen charging people.



There will be one large Ooze that will explode into about 7 green slimes which will try to come back together in the center. Having members in your party that can attack multiple enemies at once can help a lot. Having a wizard in the middle to use time stop and thunderbolt, as well as a warrior's cleave is very effective.


This boss doesn't make minions, making a Mage with the teleport ability quite handy for a distraction while other characters attack.


The final boss. He has three attacks: 1.) Shadow Ball- Targets random, unless you have units attacking close, then will target the one with the highest defense, does moderate damage. 2.) Death Shockwave- The Lich starts flashing (no longer uses his shadow balls). After a few seconds, sends a small shockwave that will instantly kill and units near him. Move all close-range units away before this happens. However a decently armored knight with shield wall can survive and in combination with revenge do substantial damage 3.) Summon Minions- After a while The Lich disappears and Shadow Soldiers and Shadow Archers. If you don't finish them off quick enough The Lich may return before they're all dead. 4.) Meteorfall- He stops attacking and after few moments meteors starts to rain down on all the field dealing moderate damage.5) Blackout- He stuns the victim of the attack,preventing it from attacking but still can use abilities.