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A local mercenary, handy with a dagger and morally flexible. If the job pays well, Gustav is in. He hopes to receive a royal pardon for his extensive criminal record by assisting you.

  • Initial Weapon: Iron Dagger
  • Initial Armor: Soft Leather Garb
  • Initial Trinkets: /
  • Initial Power: 46
  • Initial Defense: 9


  • Initial Weapon:
  • Initial Armor:
  • Initial Trinkets: None
  • Initial Power:
  • Initial Defense:


Level Name Effect Cooldown
1 Sneak Attack A precision strike that deals 250% normal damage. 20 second
5 Expose Weakness Reveals flaws in the rogue's enemy's defenses, increasing damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds. 30 second
5 Poisoned Knife Hurls a poisoned knife at the target, dealing damage over time. 30 second
10 Flurry The rogue's attacks are 15% faster. Passive
10 Critical Strikes The rogue's melee strikes have a 20% to deal double damage. Passive
15 Paralytic Knife Throws a knife coated in a toxin that renders its victims helpless for 8 seconds. 45 second
15 Shadowstep Warp behind your target and deliver a precision strike for 350% normal damage. 30 second
20 Combat Tactics +15% armor Passive
20 Pursuit +15% movement speed. Passive
25 Envenomed Blades Random chance to paralyze target. Passive
30 Lethality Sneak Attack and Shadowstep deal 40% more damage. Passive
30 Aggression Power increased by 10%. Passive


The rogue is one of if not the best one on one fighters in the game. His high attack combined with his special attacks allow him to deal great damage to a single enemy. When you combine Shadow Step and Sneak Attack with the Expose Weakness skill even the strongest enemies go down quickly. However if slimes or ogres give you lots of trouble, an alternate tactic is the paralyzing blade with a poisoned one. It will stun enemies and damage them stopping them beat up your warrior.