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Don't let his age fool you, Bromswell was an adventurer in his day, and a wizened master of the arcane arts. While technically retired, he's still willing to lend his skill to a worthy cause.

  • Initial Weapon:
  • Initial Armor:
  • Initial Trinkets: None
  • Initial Power:
  • Initial Defense:



Thistle has a slightly higher attack statistic than Bromswell, but has about 20% less health.

  • Initial Weapon:
  • Initial Armor:
  • Initial Trinkets: None
  • Initial Power:
  • Initial Defense:


Level Name Effect Cooldown
1 Meteor Summons a meteor on your target, dealing damage in a large radius. 30 second
5 Blizzard Chilling winds damage and slow all enemies on the field for 10 seconds. 30 second
5 Time Stop All enemies are frozen in time, rendering them helpless for 5 seconds. 45 second
10 Enveloping Flames Your basic fireball attack deals 75% of its damage to nearby targets. Passive
10 Impact Your basic fireball attack deals 20% more damage. Passive
15 Conflagrate Your target is consumed with fire, dealing damage and disabling them for 6 seconds. 40 second
15 Thunderbolt Lightning strikes the caster, dealing damage and knocking away nearby foes. 30 second
20 Fire Shield 20% chance to automatically send a fireball at attacker when hit. Passive
20 Mage Armor Grants a 20% chance that an attack will do no damage. Passive
25 Teleport Changes movement style from walking to a teleport. Passive
30 Flaming Meteor Meteor spell ignites the foe, dealing an extra 50% damage over 8 seconds. Passive
30 Concussive Shockwave Meteor spell knocks enemies down lasts 3 seconds. Passive


Using Blizzard to slow enemies down is an excellent way to keep your wizard safe from harm, and allows you to kite enemies around the field, having other characters damage them while your wizard leads them on a chase. When you gain Teleport at Level 25, this becomes even easier. Consider keeping both Bromswell and Thistle in your party and alternating their Blizzard spells to keep enemies slowed almost all the time. Once they both have teleport, some battles can even be won using these two characters alone.