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With the shutdown of GameSpy, these pages are no longer relevant. They have been preserved for historical purposes.

This mission is often quick and simple - and very uncommon.

American Objectives

  • Destroy the airfield

Japanese Objectives

  • Intercept the B-17s

This is a massive air battle which is rarely ever used online, due to the lack of variety of units. Basically, the Americans can win if their B-17s manage to destroy the Japanese airfield; the Japanese win if their airfield survives all three B-17 waves. Think Saving Tulagi on steroids.

The Japanese airfield does not launch aircraft, but instead you will respawn upon death at your starting position. This applies to both Americans and Japanese.

Due to lack of strategy and unit variation, this isn't a popular map at all, and you will not often find players willing to play this map. A more popular choice for a flying map is Operation MI.

Player Slots[edit]

American Slots

  • F4F Wildcat
  • F4F Wildcat
  • F4F Wildcat
  • F4F Wildcat

Japanese Slots

  • A6M Zero
  • A6M Zero
  • A6M Zero
  • A6M Zero

American Strategy[edit]

Down the Zeroes

The American strategy is quite simple - keep the B-17s alive long enough for them to hit the airfield. All it takes are three B-17s, so not much strategy is required. Just take down the enemy Zeroes and keep the bombers covered.

The B-17s aren't invincible, and trailing a B-17 can be a good tactic, for when a Zero flies in to intercept it, you'll be in a prime firing position yourself.

Japanese Strategy[edit]

The Japanese have the battle a little harder than the Americans since the B-17s have large numbers of guns, not to mention the Wildcats. The trick is to ignore the Wildcats and focus on the B-17s.

Alternatively, splitting up your group into half can be a good idea - half of your squadron goes for the bombers, the other half goes for the fighters.